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How long was your DC in the Chicco Next2Me?

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SleepForTheWeek Mon 10-Apr-17 20:24:02

Really in a pickle about what kind of sleeping set up we will go for once DC2 is born (June). I've had a recent thread about it but wanted more specific info on when your LO outgrew the Chicco Next2Me crib if they had one? I'm swaying towards it, saw one today (the new one that's just been released) and it's actually a lot bigger than what I thought - but it says only till 6 months?? Wanted something that lasted a bit longer.

SharonStrzelecki Mon 10-Apr-17 20:31:49

My (average sized) DD is nearly 8 months and just about to come out of it. It does look quite big, I know what you mean. She moves more in her sleep now though and with only a couple of inches spare above her head I'm worried that she'll end up pressing her face into the end / side. There are plenty of babies who are much more mobile than my DD by her age, so I suppose that's a limiting factor too?

SharonStrzelecki Mon 10-Apr-17 20:32:30

Should add that it's a great bed. DD is my third child and I wish I'd had it for all three of them!

SleepForTheWeek Mon 10-Apr-17 20:42:44

Thanks Sharon. Is it still safe enough when baby can sit up by themselves?

It's quite a pricey piece of kit.

LaundryQueenHatesBunfights Mon 10-Apr-17 20:47:40

Could you try just getting a standard cot, removing the side and tethering it to the bed? That's what we did, DS is 16 mo and still sleeps like this but you could always remove the side when the time is right and use it as a normal cot. It might save you money in the long run?

SleepForTheWeek Mon 10-Apr-17 20:51:49

That was my original idea Laundry, but I'm struggling for room in our bedroom. We have a cotbed which DD is currently using as a toddler bed, but it would be far too big for our room. Have looked at compact cots but getting one with a removable side is proving very difficult!

Pinkjellybeans Mon 10-Apr-17 20:56:37

Firstly the chicco is amazing! I used it with ds2 and he slept amazingly! Literally from a few days old he was waking once from 7-5, if he woke and was a little unsettled I could hold his hand which was lovely, but my breathing and being able to see me was definitely something that helped him sleep well! I kept him in it aslong as I could as I adored being able to watch him and hear him but at 6 months old I transferred him in to his own bedroom with a cot bed because he was looking way to big for it! He's 7.5 months now and I had him in it the other night again as he wasn't very well, he still slept fine in it! But personally 6 months I think is the age that it's no longer really subtable. But it was worth every penny! And we will get most the money back after we sell itsmile

Bue Mon 10-Apr-17 21:02:32

We had the Snuzpod which is smaller than the Chicco and DD was in it til 8 months with room to spare. She was on the smaller side (25th centile) but unless you grow big babies the Chicco should last well past 6 months. According to the spec it's suitable until 9kg or the baby can pull themselves up.

WegmansCookies Mon 10-Apr-17 21:08:17

I loved the Next2Me - we bought one in 2015 for DS2. It was definitely only safe for 6 months. Not because of the size, but because he could sit up and nearly propel himself out of it by then.

My only criticism of the Next2Me is that, when placed directly next to our bed with the side down, there is a stiff fabric "lip" which scraped my arm when I tried to lift the baby out of it in the middle of the night. I think I covered it with a folded sheet in the end.

SharonStrzelecki Mon 10-Apr-17 22:51:13

I don't think it would be safe if the baby can go from lying to sitting independently. My DD can sit up, but there's no way she could get herself up from lying down yet so she's still ok! I imagine if you breed agile babies it won't last as long! (Mine are all a bit lazy!)

Re cost - I bought mine second hand from a friend (I bought a new mattress though) and intend to sell it on for pretty much the same price. They're very expensive new!

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