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Help! 10 month old DD up for hours in night chatting

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Plonker85 Sun 09-Apr-17 13:05:19

This has been going on for about 5 months off and on.
She wakes up anytime after midnight and chats for hours and hours. Falls back to sleep then wakes again at around 5am for more chatting, before passing out at 6am and then waking at 7am. Then grumpy all day through exhaustion. Driving me bonkers.
Her naps are as following
9-10am and
12.30- 230pm.
Some people have said its developmental which I thought at first but this is becoming a habit surely? She isn't moving around either - just little shuffles.
Anyone know how I can stop this?
I'm determined not to let her nap more during the day.

FATEdestiny Mon 10-Apr-17 09:53:09

To be "determined not to let her nap more during the day" is an odd thing to say, given at 10 months it would be perfectly healthy to sleep solidly (without waking) for 11+ hours and then have two 2h daytime naps.

Your DD is having significantly less sleep at night, what sleep she does have over night is broken and then you suggest restricting daytime naps.

I would suggest that's an unhelpful stance to take. If she's not getting enough sleep at night, yes you need to tackle that. But at the same time, she does need to have enough sleep. Simply keeping her awake to get over tired is likely to hinder, not help.

In terms of night sleep, firstly, an over tired baby is harder to get to sleep, wakes more easily and so has disturbed nights compared to a well rested baby. So see the above paragraphs for this. Short term extra daytime sleep may help.

Next, some babies need help to physically switch off. Have you tried a dumny funny to reduce the noise. You might find it useful to have baby in your room (cosleeping or cot in your room) to establish this.

While you break the habit of waking in the night, it may need some temporary focused attention. So you bring with baby, reitterating quiet stillness to sleep. This may mean less sleep for you. So it might be that either having a bed for yourself in the nursery or bringing the cot into your room are the best ways to achieve this.

I would ultilse the firm hand on chest. This means laying your hand on baby's chest/back/side (doesn't matter which) to show your reassuring presence and also reitterate being still. If arms start waving around, hold her hands. If legs kick, move them down. Keep hand there still when baby is quiet and still, gentle patting with your fingers if any noise or shuffling starts.

While you cannot force anyone to go to sleep, this is about teaching baby (in a gentle way) that night time means lying down still and quiet. That now is not the time for being noisy or energetic.

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