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10 week old sleep - should I change anything?

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MsProbably Sun 09-Apr-17 10:26:14

DD has been sleeping pretty well so far - bath and feed 9pm, sleep 10pm, feeds at 4-5am, sleeps again til 7.30/8am. Not too bad, although she's recently started wriggling and kicking frantically all night, and only me holding her arm still or putting the dummy back in will calm her for a bit.Is this just a developmental phase? We don't swaddle, as she never seemed to like it.

Often I wake her for a feed as it's never really clear when she's actually hungry in the night - she's never cried for food, just woken or stirred a bit. Is it too soon to try to get rid of the night feed? I worry that she needs that one as it's one of the biggest of the day.

And, should I start making bedtime earlier, although this routine works quite well for us at the moment. Perhaps once she's stopped feeding at 4am, I would start bringing bedtime 30 mins earlier each week? Not sure what the next step is and would love advice!

FATEdestiny Sun 09-Apr-17 11:10:48

Is it too soon to try to get rid of the night feed?

No. No reason not to try, as long as you are happy to bring the night feed back if needed.

I would certainly try to resettle first at every wake up. Give it 5 minutes to do a resettle and if that doesn't get baby back to sleep for a good hour, then feed.

batch74 Mon 10-Apr-17 09:11:48

If have a DS who is 9 weeks and we've dropped his night feed. He was having last milk at 10 then we'd feed him again around 3 in the morning. I then realised that he actually wanted his dummy rather than a feed so we dropped the entire feed for s couple of nights to trial it. He's been absolutely fine with it although we've upped feed from 5foz to 6, and he's now starting to finish all that so think I'm going to up it to 7.
Do what you feel is right, you can always s trial it and see what happens. You can always go back to your previous routine if it doesn't work.
I do find DS wakes alot wanting his dummy from 4am onwards. Eventually he will go back into a proper sleep for about an hour, then starts all over again!
Good luck! X

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