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10 month old awake for AGES during the day, advice please!

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applepatch Thu 06-Apr-17 13:17:14

My 10 month old DD sleeps pretty well at night normally up once through night for bottle, we're fine with this as she's always been little and often for feeds and the night feed bumps up her milk intake. She used to wake for the day between 5am and 6am with her night feed happening around 2am.
She now wakes 4-5am for bottle then has actually slept again until 7-7:30am twice now! I feel like a new woman with those extra few wee hours sleep!

Anyway, advice I'm looking for is what to do about naps. She's always had shorter naps and has had 2 naps a day for months now. She's also always typically had long awake times between sleeps too but now with the later wake ups she's not falling asleep until 11-12 midday then having anything from 30-60 mins. She used to nap between 2-3pm after a few false starts but now isn't ready for a sleep until about 4-5ish BUT she gets her bath and bed at 6-7pm so I'm not keen on that! She really needs a good 3-4 hours awake time otherwise she struggles to go to sleep at night.

Is it ok to just let her have that one bigger sleep in middle of the day? I feel she's too young for just one nap but she seems to cope ok the few times it happened so far and in fact has slept longer and sounder at night.
For background info she naps in sling or falls asleep on us during day, always has done and we're not fussy about changing that as she's great in her cot at night. I always make sure i create opportunities for her to sleep whenever I see her tired e.g pop her in the sling and go for a walk which always sends her to sleep if she needs it!

Anyone else experiencing similarly huge awake times or any advice for me?

FATEdestiny Thu 06-Apr-17 13:47:53

If she's fine with it, then of course it's OK to move to 1 nap days.

They say 18 months is the average age for babies to drop to 1-nap days. But just as there will be children like mine (22 months when she fully dropped to 1 nap days) there will also be babies at the other end of the scale who drop to 1 nap earlier.

The key is knowing it is right for your baby.

If you were saying that baby was tired, grumpy, needed to sleep but was refusing - then I might suggest that baby probably still needed the nap so offer some suggestions to make it work. But you're not saying that, you're saying baby is fine on 1 nap. Therefore, follow your instincts.

Also, bear in mind that the change is often a transition, rather than a switch. So it might be that she starts having one day of 1 nap, followed by 4 or 5 days of 2 naps. Then gradually she has more 1-nap days and fewer 2-nap days, until the change is complete.

applepatch Thu 06-Apr-17 13:57:50

Thanks FATE that's definitely worth bearing in mind as it's not every day and very much depends on her wake time for the day....some days she fights naps so badly and when that's happened we stop what we're doing, distract her then try again 10 mins or so later. She gets overtired a lot I know...but her temperament is that if she gets frustrated then the whole thing ends in her yelling and crying. Not great! When we let her set the pace she just drifts off confused
I worry a lot about 'shoulds' but gradually learning to go with the flow

applepatch Thu 06-Apr-17 13:59:14

Just to clarify, that's when I know for sure she's needing another nap! The past few days on one nap she's been smiling and playing away ok, it's bizarre but hey ho!

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