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4 month sleep regression

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whyIsARavenLikeAWritingDesk Wed 05-Apr-17 22:04:29

Ok so my DD has turned 4 months, I feel she is going through the dreaded regression! Previously she has gone down fairly easily for naps but waking after 45 mins and taking 15-30 mins to go back down but she did! Now she just won't go down for naps, I haven't changed anything at all and I don't know how to get through it! I'm dreading tonight as both me and DP are ill!! Any tips at all???

FATEdestiny Wed 05-Apr-17 22:32:33

All the usual sleep props help:

Dummy or Feed to sleep
Rocking to sleep, sling swaying
Movement - pushchair, car, bouncy chair
White noise
Dark, quiet environment

All or as many as possible of the above. Plus limited awake time, no more than 90m awake time between naps.

whyIsARavenLikeAWritingDesk Wed 05-Apr-17 22:44:31

She is swaddled, has a dummy has white noise a dark and quiet environment! Only sleeps for a small amount of time in the sling or pram! We don't have a car so that is out of the question! Do I just keep going with what I am doing? We haven't changed anything since she was maybe 4 weeks old

FATEdestiny Wed 05-Apr-17 22:54:46

She is swaddled, has a dummy has white noise a dark and quiet environment

Movement is missing. How about naps in the bouncy chair? Just be relentless about it.

Also don't underestimate the role of milk intake on sleep. Massive growth spurt at this age. Baby may need more frequent feeds through the daytime and more milk per feed to meet her calorific need.

whyIsARavenLikeAWritingDesk Wed 05-Apr-17 23:00:48

We have a swing which calms her down but doesn't send her to sleep, the bouncy chair used to work but she won't go down in it anymore!
She can sometimes be cuddled to sleep but am I wrong in thinking that I don't want to be doing this as it will be hard to stop if that makes sense?
Her milk has just been up but she is still draining the bottles

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