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Please and advice would help

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Mumtobeautifulboy1993 Mon 03-Apr-17 01:04:15

I have a little boy who's 15 weeks he was weighed at 13 weeks and was 16lb and 7oz he long as well. The trouble is I try swaddling him because he is a restless sleeper and as soon as he gets him arms out from wiggling so much in his sleep his wide awake. Is there any products I could get to swaddle him that will fit and actually keeps his arms in. Tia

NewMumSept2014 Mon 03-Apr-17 01:42:44

My DD could wriggle out of the swaddle at about 8/10 weeks. We transitioned to sleeping bag and it seemed to annoy her less as she didn't have to battle to get her arms free. She also then started self soothing by sucking her thumb and slept much better!
Just a thought.

CluelessMummy Mon 03-Apr-17 02:19:16

My DD was always a right Houdini when put in a swaddle. Even as a newborn she didn't like being wrapped up (despite us being told that "all babies do"). At around 12 weeks we took one arm out and very quickly she found her thumb, and soon forgot about trying to break out of the rest of it. It took a few days of short naps but they soon got longer. At 18 weeks we put her in a sleeping bag and she barely noticed the difference, such was her love of the thumb! It also made sleep training much much easier. Worth trying the one arm out perhaps. Good luck!

NewMumSept2014 Mon 03-Apr-17 03:55:53

Or I just thought if you're really fixed on swaddle, love to dream do a zip up swaddle. Not sure what age/ weight they go up to and I've no experience of what they're like but worth investigating.

Mumtobeautifulboy1993 Mon 03-Apr-17 07:44:48

I have tried letting him have his hands out but he just ribs his face constantly he has eczema on his face which I have cream on and apply it before he goes to sleep and before I go to sleep so this is why I need to swaddle him.. I seen ones with zips but I just can't seem to find one that will fit him cos his a big baby 😭 xx thanks for the replys

CluelessMummy Mon 03-Apr-17 08:16:07

Can you try putting him in a sleepsuit that has hand covers, that way he can still chew on the "exposed" hand but won't be able to scratch with it? If you don't have any of those I know someone who would put a sock over their little one's hand for the same reason.

Firsttimer16 Mon 03-Apr-17 08:20:51

We have the same issue - and this is the best swaddle we've found: Comfort & Harmony Original Peanut Swaddle Restful Raindrops (3-6 Months)

Mumtobeautifulboy1993 Mon 03-Apr-17 09:20:41

I have the sleep suits with the mits built in and he just rubs his face and wakes his self up. Thank you so much I will buy it and try it out. Thanks for replying.

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