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Just moved 8 moth old into own room and now he won't sleep help!!

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Fennecfoxmummy Thu 30-Mar-17 02:46:25

8 nearly 9 month old was sleeping through brilliant in his next to me. He's getting a bit big for it now so thought nows the time to move him.
Bathed and asleep in his cot for 8 we thought it was fab!
He was heart broken away crying at 10 so I brought him back into my bed and cuddled him back to sleep (probably a bad move I knoe)
Put him back in but now he's awake chatting to himself again (not upset YET) just babbling away but he doesn't usually wake up at all
Should we stick it out? Any advice for the 1st few days/weeks

FATEdestiny Thu 30-Mar-17 08:21:19

Could you have the cot in your room, next to your bed, and make the transition into his own room more gradual?

JumpSturdy Thu 30-Mar-17 10:27:21

Was this the first night? I'd not throw in the towel quite yet if so! Did you ever use white noise or anything when he was in with you? Is the room the same temperature? Any major differences in noise or light levels? Does he/has he spent much time in that room before now? It needs to feel like a safe and familiar environment for him.

If he wasn't upset on second wake up I'm not sure you need to worry. I'd aim to comfort him back off to sleep in that room - it'll be worth a few nights of disruption for you to get him over the transition.

I have just moved DD into her own room from a bedside crib and it's taking a little longer to get her off to sleep but we're otherwise fine (2.5 weeks in!) We're have us3d white noise though and she has the same track in her room now, so that probably helps her settle if she stirs.

Fennecfoxmummy Thu 30-Mar-17 15:33:35

Ni we've not used white noise however I can see how that's very comforting for them and a great idea to have something familiar. We've played in his room and have spent time in there today also napped in there.
I settled him to sleep before putting him in there maybe he should go in awake so it's not a shock to wake up to?
Tonight's night 2 we will try this for a few days then look at moving cot if he is no more settled. Thankyou!

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