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Nearly 3yo night waking

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Sjjr23 Tue 28-Mar-17 22:01:17

Any advice appreciated...My DS is 3 in May, goes to bed fine at 7.30/8pm, happy in his bed but likes me/DP to sit or lie with him until he's almost asleep. Has a comforter with him that he cuddles into as he goes to sleep. Potty trained during the day, a few dry nights. Rare to nap during the day. No dummy anymore. A good eater - 3 meals plus snacks and supper.
Our issue - if (when) he is disturbed/wakes up during the night, there is no settling him in his own bed, he must be in my bed with me.
A few good spells wherw he sleeps until 5am, but this is the norm...getting earlier and earlier (11.30pm last night). Exhausting for us all! Fitbit v helpful in seeing how many times I'm disturbed...
He's always been like this since day 1 - if he wakes overnight=mummy!!! Understands he should be in his bed on his own
Any advice welcomed....although I'm told most boys in DPs family were the same until 6 ishconfused
Not keen on CIO or CC

madeleinecreek Tue 28-Mar-17 22:16:14

Have you tried the gro clock? In your shoes I'd say that orange sun means he can come in your room, set it at 11 until he gets the idea and then push it back till 5/6/7am.

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