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Are we napping our 9.5 month old for too long?

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Yorke00 Tue 28-Mar-17 20:10:55

So 9.5 month old DS has never been a great sleeper. He's currently waking twice a night on a good night, which is the best it's ever been and we're quite happy with. But he's also started waking up ridiculously early, sometimes 5am. I know he's still tired as he'll go back to sleep on me or DP if we hold him, but he won't go back to sleep in his cot, even if I give him a boob feed. I'm just wondering if he's napping for too long during the day? He sleeps for around an hour and 40 mins in the morning (9.15am-just before 11am), and then at least an hour and a half in the afternoon at around 2pm-3.30. I have to wake him up sometimes if he's still sleeping close to 4pm, as he then won't go down easily at bedtime (7pm). All these naps are on me btw- he won't sleep for long in the cot. Could this be interfering with his night sleep, particularly the early wakings? Or any other suggestions about how we can get him to sleep later in the morning- he was doing til 6.15am which feels like a lie in now....

Clickncollect Tue 28-Mar-17 20:19:51

Hi, my DS is also 9.5 months. He is asleep by 7.45pm and usually wakes around 6.30 - might get the odd dummy wake up but nothing major (unless he is teething which is a different story!)
His 2 nap times are pretty much the same as yours but in his buggy so I can rock him off to sleep as he won't nap in the cot. Could that be worth a try?

FATEdestiny Tue 28-Mar-17 21:29:54

I'd say your naps look good. Is there a read on bedtime is 7pm, given it's hard work?

A later bedtime may help with early morning.

If baby isn't tired at 7pm, then just make bedtime later. If baby has to go to bed at 7pm because he's very tired by then, then moving around nap times and adding in an extra teatime power nap may help.

For example:

Lessen awake time slightly in the morning, say:
8.30am-10am nap (or whenever he wakes)
You currently have 3 hours awake time until next nap, see how shortening to 2.5h helps. So:
12pm-1.30pm nap
Then another 2.5h awake time, so try for a third nap, but limited in length. Say:
4pm - 5pm (wake at 5pm if not already awake. Also don't do this as a cot nap, keep it downstairs so it's just a 'take the edge off' nap, not a big sleep).

That then means that there's a more reasonable 3h awake time until an 8pm bedtime. In fact baby could probably go to 8.30 or 9pm.

Yorke00 Thu 30-Mar-17 20:49:57

Thanks so much for your replies. FATE I'm a bit confused as I'd read that putting baby to bed later doesn't necessarily mean they'll wake up later- in your experience does it work? We do push bedtime later if DS isn't tired by 7pm- tonight we put him down at 7.30pm.

FATEdestiny Thu 30-Mar-17 21:10:32

If he's sleeping all night or most of the night (ie wake, feed, straight back to sleep) then bedtime will definately affect wake up time.

With babies spending a long time awake in the night, or generally not getting enough night sleep overall - such babies just want as much sleep as possible so an earlier bedtime is better simply because it gets baby more sleep.

Would it work to treat the 5am wake up as a night feed, not morning?

Babytalkobsession Thu 30-Mar-17 21:21:00

Your naps are pretty similar to my just 9 month old.

Mine is pretty reliably tired at 7pm and settles easily. He usually wakes around 11pm (I hate this one as sometimes it's earlier, sometimes later or sometimes not at all! So I find it hard to nod off...) and then again around 3am. Usually starting his day at 6:30 / 7am.

This is good compared to ds1 but could def be better for me.

What I learned after ds1 is that they get it eventually. It so hard.

Would he go back to sleep at 5am if brought into bed with you for feed?

Yorke00 Thu 30-Mar-17 22:03:14

I've tried feeding him at the 5am wake up but it no longer works to get him back to sleep! Last night/ this morning I thought it had done as he went back down in the cot, only to wake 20 mins later. He does not like co sleeping at all so I can't bring him in with us either.

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