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This is how exciting my life gets.....bed sheets!

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farleybox06 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:34:24

After getting through the "which buggy issue", then the "which high chair" issue we seemed to not have too many problems when it came to sleep and sleeping aids (used a Sleepyhead which was worth every single penny!!)

We've just progressed from a cot bed to a single bed and the big excitement in my life is (wait for it!) a bed sheet! Seriously, an actual sheet!!

Not sure if it's just me but have found that buying products can be a minefield, especially when trying to not spend so much on things that last so little time!

Anyway, if anyone is as cool as I am, I've found these sheets which are crazy soft but fit a cot, cot bed and a single so ££ per use is a bargain and will last for ages!!

MummyKC02 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:39:22

Hi @farleybox06

YES, we just invested in these. Absolutely love them! smile
I also found them find very exciting haha! Really must remember to get out more.

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