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Moving into a cot?

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BlankSpace1 Mon 27-Mar-17 19:21:23

Hi all,
Just wanted some opinions please smile my daughter is 6months today, she's been sleeping in a swinging crib, but I let her self settle and don't swing her off, she has also been sleeping in a babymoov (sort of like a sleepyhead) so still on her back. I'd like to move her into a cot now, but I get concerned she'll keep herself up rolling over. I've watched her role on her tummy and back again enough times to know she can do it, but I still worry what will happen if she gets stuck on her tummy?
Also should I try her just in the cot, without her baby pod?
When I moved my other one into a cot from a Moses basket she loved it and slept well but I think she may of been a bit bigger as she was smaller.

I still get up to feed her 2-4 times a night, nearer 4 🙄 which id like to change to her sleeping through soon if not now! Any thoughts are welcome smile thanks

FATEdestiny Mon 27-Mar-17 21:48:22

If baby can roll both ways - front to back and back to front - then there is no longer a safety issue. You should continue to put baby on their back to sleep, but if she rolls over so be it.

Having said that, once you have a moving baby, sleep does get harder. So keeping the sleepyhead type thing might be a good idea.

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