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Still holding 8 month old for naps

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Carta60 Mon 27-Mar-17 11:27:58

Just a question to any moms that have gone before...
My dd is just over 8 months and breastfed. We have started solids which is going ok. She is pretty normal sleeper in as much as she wakes every 2/3 hours and we co sleep usually for the 2nd part of the night.
She isn't crawling yet: she naps twice a day. I tend to get longer naps out of her if I hold her. She doesn't really feed to sleep although I'm not hung up on this as happy to provide comfort for her to her to sleep and also to resettle
I just wondered if any moms with similar patterns in their babies reached a point where naps lengthened naturally and we're had in the cot? I was thinking this may be when she is on the move. I love holding her as it works and meets her needs but just wondering.. x

FATEdestiny Mon 27-Mar-17 11:56:12

Have you thought about lying on the floor with her (middle of the living room) and cuddling up lying down to get to sleep. Then you can extract yourself afterwards.

Nurseries utilise this tactic, with big mats on the floor for sleep.

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