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Dressing baby at night

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Barefootcontessa84 Tue 21-Mar-17 12:15:52

I'm so confused what I should be dressing my baby in at night! She was premature (born at 33 weeks), now 39 weeks and about 6.5lbs.

She had issues maintaining her temperature to start with, so was told to keep her nice and warm with lots of blankets (contrary to the standard advice). She now seems better at regulating her temperature, although she is still small.

At the moment, I am putting her down in a short sleeved vest and a sleepsuit. I then swaddle her in an extra large muslin (so once folded into a triangle, is about 3 layers of muslin). Then I layer a couple of blankets, that are usually folded (so more layers...?)

The room temperature is between 18-20 degrees (I was told by NICU to keep it at 22-24 but I can't sleep in that!). I have no idea whether this is too much/whether I should use a long sleeved vest under the sleepsuit/how many layers the swaddling counts as?!

Any advice welcome!

HiMyNameIsUnknown Tue 21-Mar-17 12:33:24

Can you call NICU & ask them by describing your layers & room temp?

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