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Sleep training in one bed flat

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Niftythrifty2017 Mon 20-Mar-17 21:04:41

Hello! My ds is now 5 months and since day one has bedshared with me. From birth he has not really let me put him down for naps and at night I currently have to go to bed at around 6/6:30 as he won't sleep without me next to him. He is ebf but also uses the boob as a pacifier. I am starting to think (and slightly dreading) about how to sleep train him into sleeping in his cot for naps/bedtime and to self soothe and finding all the different methods slightly overwhelming of where to begin! My other issue is that I'm in a one bed flat and his cot is in our bedroom, my partner also works most nights and so whatever training takes place is down to me to implement on my own. I'm just after advice really, such as, should I tackle naps after bedtime or naps first or how have people stopped bedsharing when in a one bed and no choice but to have cot in the bedroom? I get anxious just thinking about how to start! Any advice would be great! Would like to get my evenings and arms back as much as I love snuggling my boy....

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