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Sleep deprivation

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Thenorr Wed 15-Mar-17 06:56:42

Hi all,

I know this has been done to death, but I'm deep into the 4 month sleep regression with ds2. I have not slept for more than an hour in a go for going on two months now and he's currently got tonsillitis so for the last week or so I've been living on 90 mins sleep PER NIGHT!

Anyway, not after fixes as I know it will pass eventually, but how does everyone cope with the sleep deprivation? I have the baby and a two year old with me all day and I'm simply knackered. I have just poured a cup of coffee down my front and it's not even 7am yet?!

Any tips on getting through the day would be very welcomed today.

Thanks in advance x

einalem1984 Wed 15-Mar-17 07:02:21

Poor you sadflowers I feel your pain- the struggle is real! Do you have any family or friends who can help out?x

Thenorr Wed 15-Mar-17 07:04:43

Nope. We're a military family so no family local, and only friends I don't know well enough yet to arrive as a sobbing mess on their doorsteps!

einalem1984 Wed 15-Mar-17 07:08:13

How about speaking to your GP or Health Visitor? Could you find out if there's any children's centres nearby so that could socialise with other mums? X

Thenorr Wed 15-Mar-17 07:10:14

Good idea- thanks 😊

FATEdestiny Wed 15-Mar-17 11:22:37

Have you got a co sleeper cot? What about a dummy?

One side taken off the cotbed and wedged up to my bed. Dummy attached to a ribbon sewn into the sleeping bag.

Together that meant I could roll over, find dummy, put it in, snuggle up to resettle - a without opening my eyes or moving from under the duvet.

Thenorr Wed 15-Mar-17 13:41:12

Thanks FATE,

He stopped taking a dummy 6 weeks ago (same time he stopped taking a bottle) any hints on getting him back on it would be appreciated!

FATEdestiny Wed 15-Mar-17 21:07:32

I would keep persevering with the dummy, they are AMAZING for independant settling. Don't give the dummy when baby us, in fact, hungry though.

Scrumptiouscrumpets Thu 16-Mar-17 06:51:39

Try as many different dummies as possible. My bottle refuser liked The Super Soothie range which is specifically designed for bf babies. Avent and Chicco do a similar design, you can also get latex dummies which are generally better accepted by bf babies.

With that level of sleep deprivation, I would try and get as many breaks as you can - can your partner settle the baby on weekends for example?

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