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Frequent waking at night

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Canters15 Wed 15-Mar-17 02:38:50

DS is 4 months old. Sleep has never been brilliant but I am really starting to struggle with how much he wakes at night. I would blame the 4 month regression but things have always been like this!

He usually goes down at 6.30-7.30pm depending on last nap and what we've been doing that day. Some evenings he will wake multiple times between his bedtime and our bedtime at 10.30ish, other nights he sleeps straight through. He does tend to stir about 10ish, and will then wake every 1-2 hours afterwards until 7am when he gets up for the day. He can be very difficult to settle/get back into a decent sleep e.g last night he woke every 15 mins between midnight and 1.30am. Only one or two of these wake ups will be for proper feeds, at the rest he just takes a token amount of milk.

He is getting better at napping in the day. I try to get him down for a nap after 90 mins awake time but he often fights it. Over the last few days he has started doing a 2 hour stretch over lunch which is great, he tends to have two other 30-40 minute naps morning and late afternoon.

All naps are generally in his sleepyhead in co sleeper crib, he is swaddled, has a dummy and we play white noise. He has to be rocked to sleep and has only fallen asleep independently on a couple of occasions.

I do wonder if he is overtired sometimes- I took him to the pool yesterday within 30 mins of waking from a 2 hour nap and a lady there commented he looked tired- sure enough 30 mins later we had a purple crying melt down. I just don't know how to get him to have more sleep!

He has had quite a lot of upheaval in his short little life- we moved to Singapore when he was 10 weeks old, and moved from a serviced apartment to our current condo 2 weeks ago. We've also had a lot of trouble with feeding due to tongue tie, which he had divided for the second time last week. He is combination fed but am working to reduce formula intake. I do wonder if this has all unsettled him.

Any thoughts welcome! Thanks.

Aliveinwanderland Wed 15-Mar-17 03:16:25

My DS is also 4 months and very similar. On a good night wakes every 2-3 hours, some nights it's every hour. He take a a small feed to get him back to sleep but nothing substantial. He has a formula feed at his first night wake (between 9-10pm) but refuses most of it.

He naps for 30 mins in the morning, 2 hours at lunch and 30 mins in the afternoon most days. Although yesterday napped 8:30-11am and 3:30-5pm!

I know it's tough, but it doesn't last for ever. Try and reduce the rocking to sleep for naps and encourage more self settling a that should help night time. My DS only needs rocking if he has gone beyond tired. If I catch it right he will self settle with a dummy and white noise.

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