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Sleepyhead escapee

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Coffeepleeeaase Sat 11-Mar-17 07:28:38

Just wondering if anyone else has this my 18month old is now often using his sleepy head more like a pillow, and escaping it to sleep in the empty part of the cot, which looks so uncomfortable ! He doesn't wake or make a fuss, I'm not a very good sleeper and so check on him whilst I'm awake in the night. I think it may be time to get rid of it, although am putting it off as he sleeps well, so thought I'd ask on here see if anyone had a similar problem or solution - Thanks

FATEdestiny Sat 11-Mar-17 14:02:10

At 18 months he could have a pillow. If he likes the feeling of being 'surrounded', you could try a V-shaped pillow (like a breastfeeding pillow)

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