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Self-settling to sleep- should I and if so how?

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Thistledew Fri 10-Mar-17 14:25:04

DS is 7 months old. For the first 3 1/2 months of his life he could not have been a better sleeper. I had him in a babybay cot next to me and from a couple of weeks old he settled into a pattern of waking for a dream feed at 10/11 pm when we went to bed and then once more in the night. In the evenings we put him in a cradle in the living room, swaddled, and frequently would fall asleep by himself or with a bit of rocking of the cradle.

At 3.5 months the dreaded sleep regression struck, coupled with him learning to roll from back to front, so we had to stop swaddling. He is a very active baby and suddenly seemed to need more calories, as he started feeding (bf) every two hours day and night, yet was slowly dropping down the centiles. He went from 50th at birth to 10th by 6 months old, and as he is pushing the 95th for length he really was getting skinny.

Things have been a little better since we started weaning at just under 6 months and he is now eating three fairly decent meals a day. He was back up to the 25th centile at 7 months but a couple of days later started crawling and I suspect has slimmed down again.

We moved him into a proper cot in his own room when he started crawling, and he seems quite happy there. He has slept better some nights waking only for a feed at 10pm and then once more to about 6am. Other nights have been back to feeding every two hours.

He has his dinner at 5/5.30, then bed, then bath a 6.30/7pm. He seems to need to feed of both breasts before he will sleep, but will fall asleep as he finishes the second. He won't settle on just one feed and always drinks properly of both. I therefore don't get him to self settle to sleep. Should I be trying to do so?

When he wakes in the night he feeds properly but again falls asleep either on the breast or seconds after pulling off. He can self settle at night- several times I have watched him on the monitor as he stirs- usually rocking backwards and forwards on his hands and knees before flopping down and sleeping again. Given that he can do this, do I need to get him to do so when I first put him down?

Also, his daytime sleep is not good. He will either fall asleep on the boob or I have to put him in the sling. He rarely will tolerate being put down in his cot during the day.

Sorry for the essay. Would appreciate any thoughts as to what others would do.

BeaveredBadgered Fri 10-Mar-17 14:30:26

I find health visitors make so much of the self settling business and not feeding to sleep. My DD always fell asleep feeding but now she is 13 months and settles herself, sleeps through the night and resettles herself when she wakes. It changed at about 10 months when we started bedtime stories after milk and put her in the cot awake. She just drifted off herself. She was FF so previous up this would fall asleep whilst drinking her bottle.

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