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Napping in cot

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ResetPassword Fri 10-Mar-17 12:32:30

Any tips on how to start getting baby to nap in the cot?

Currently DD (nearly 6m) sleeps on me for all naps. Night time sleep has started to stabilise and she generally sleeps well, around half of naps I'm now able to get her to go through 2 sleep cycles. She has between 13.5-14.5 hours of sleep over 24hrs. It feels like the right time to try and move naps to her cot or at least not on me, my bladder can't take much more!

In the past I've not had any success in having her nap elsewhere but for the sake of getting a good sleep rhythm I've just gone with what works.

I've been bouncing in her chair for 50mins with no success, she's definitely tired but is cycling between whinging and trying to catch my eye then grinning like a loon.

Have I 'made a rod' by allowing naps to be like this for so long?

Heirhelp Fri 10-Mar-17 14:02:03

My DD now refuses to nap on me and I am gutted so we are back to walking until she is asleep. I am then able to push her buggy into the back garden.

Will she sleep in a sling?

ResetPassword Fri 10-Mar-17 14:24:04

Ah I understand why you're gutted. I think that's another reason it's continued. It is lovely and snuggly and once I'd accepted that's where she wanted to sleep, housework etc could wait, we were both a lot happier.

Sometimes she will sleep in a sling but she's a big girl and it kills my back. She used to sleep beautifully in the pram but won't entertain the idea now even with the snooze shade

FATEdestiny Fri 10-Mar-17 14:33:41

Unless you can deal with a massive amount of crying (with you say there comforting baby through it, but crying none the less), you can't just make a swap from arms to bouncy chair or cot, just like that.

The gentle route requires much more gradual changes. For example if you were previously sitting down, holding baby and not moving for a 45 (ish) min nap, the first step might be to hold baby throughout the nap but get up at some point. Move to another sofa.

Next step might be getting baby used to going to sleep sometimes in your arms whilst standing, sometimes whilst sitting, sometimes on your shoulder. And that baby is used to you moving, maybe walking to kitchen and back with sleeping baby in your arms.

This first step is getting baby used to things not always being the same for naptime. Baby won't cope with anything different if she's never got used to anything even mildly different happening.

Once you have her used to being moved around and in different positions, then work on having little bits of the end of the nap in the cot.

For example if you are expecting a 45 minute nap, after about 30 mins, stand up and have a walk over to the cot (sjipdnt wake baby - used to this) and see if you can lower her fast aslerp into the cot.

Next time try after 20 minutes being asleep. Then 15 minutes. Then 10. Then starts the very very gradual teeny changes to get her used to going to sleep in the cot.

Do do your naptime settling in her room. Then do the settling with her in your arms but standing over the cot. Then in your arms but bent over the cot. Then in your arms but lower in the cot. All very small, tiny changes.

Set your expectations though. The gradual route will probably take to well past 12 months until established.

You could speed it up if you wanted. It would involve crying though.

ResetPassword Mon 13-Mar-17 10:28:22

Thanks very much Fate. Really useful.

I can usually walk to the kitchen to let the cat out, grab a biscuit etc once she is in a decent sleep so maybe only 11months 3 weeks to establish the end goal (hopeful) grin

I hadn't intended this, just took the path of least resistance to try and establish good napping but wishing I had given independent sleeping a good go first.

Nobody knows any 16 year olds who still need to nap on mum do they? ha!

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