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Problems with sleep and running a business

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Kateharris101 Tue 07-Mar-17 18:55:08

Hi everyone, I'm new to this group but have read many threads in the past and wanted to ask some advice if I may?

This might be a bit long, but bear with.

My baby is 11 months old now and when he was 2 months old, my Dad suddenly passed away. It was very painful for us but it meant that me and LO were driving to the family home either every day or every other day. It's about a 60 mile round trip. During this time, he was very much affected. His naps were all over the place and it was very unsettling for him. I might note that before this, everything was running like a well oiled machine. Jump forward a couple of months and things are still hard for me and my attention needed to be more focused on my Dad's estate. Again, fairly crappy for my LO. I tried to offer him food from around 6 months, but he didn't like it and cried so much. Then I started a business as I didn't want to go back to work. My attention is now on this a lot of the time. Now that Dad's bits are all sorted, running my business and getting paid as well as keeping my LO happy are all that's on my mind. Trouble is, he doesn't sleep during the day. Today he's had a total of 40 minutes where before he'd nap for 2-3 hours in the day. Normally if he's in the stroller, he'll nap for a bit, but these days, he's wide awake. I know he's knackered because when he's crawling and playing, he stops frequently and puts his head on the floor. Essentially, his health is my priority and I need him to get enough rest. He's even got dark circles under his eyes. And he seems to wake up a couple of times in the night. I can't really rock him anymore as my back is really painful but if he can sleep, I can get some work done and get paid. Is there anyone here that is running a business with a LO that doesn't nap. Thankyou

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