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Please help! 8 month old split sleeping!

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85lou85 Mon 27-Feb-17 00:58:09

My 8 month old keeps waking for a few hours during the night. It might be 11-2 or 1-3 or such like. He is ds2 and ds1 who is 3 generally wakes at about 5.45-6 (only since ds2 moved in to share his room, before it would be more like 7 (luxury!)) It means dh and I, & I'm sure a million other parents go through the same, are so utterly sleep deprived. I just wondered if anyone has any advice?!

FATEdestiny Mon 27-Feb-17 07:56:11

Could you move the 8 month olds cot back into your bedroom?

That may allow DS1's sleep to improve, which in itself will help the household. It also means you'll be able to respond to DS2's needs from the comfort of your bed, by leaning into the cot. (Or cosleeping?)

Is your 8 month old learning a new skill? Crawling, standing etc. Each gross motor skill can make sleep take backwards steps. For example, you may need to teach a baby who can now stand that he can't go to sleep standing in the cot, he needs to lie down to go to sleep.

85lou85 Mon 27-Feb-17 13:22:08

Thanks for your reply. Yeah, we have been thinking of bringing the cot into our room. The thing that puts me off though, is we shared a room with ds1 til he was 10 months and that caused him too wake for more feeds (as soon as he had a room of his own, night feeds stopped). I don't want to disrupt him even further!
When he wakes on a night I bring him into our bed to try and settle him. Sometimes it works and other times ds2, dh and I all get no sleep... Dh prefers to take ds2 downstairs and put him in his playpen until he's ready to go back to bed but I think that could get him into that habit?!

And yes, he getting ready to walk. He's been up on his feet for about 6 weeks but has just started cruising last week and walking with the help of ride on car today... Do you think it could all be related to that development and we just need to ride it out? Ahhh, where's the instruction book when you need it?!

Huishnish Mon 27-Feb-17 20:58:28

My ds2 did the same thing for about 6 weeks, he's just stopped doing it about 10 days ago. You have my sincere sympathies! We tried everything. It was like he was on a timer, no matter what we did he would be awake for 2 hours. Eventually we settled on not taking him out of his cot but comforting him in there, who knows if it helped or whether he eventually just outgrew it. I'm sure it was a developmental thing. Hang in there. It will end. In the meantime can you take shifts with dh? We also struggled as ds1 was being woken by ds2 and everyone ended up exhausted. Good luck flowers

85lou85 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:49:00

Sorry Huishnish, I only just saw your reply! Definitely taking turns is the way forward... We're quite lucky in that dh usually doesn't need to be in work til lunchtime so it means one of us can catch up on some sleep in the morning. I so hope he does grow out of it soon, this lack of sleep is driving us all a wee bit crazy! Xxx

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