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Dummy removal for 21mo.

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Fairy45 Sun 26-Feb-17 07:43:48

I never considered removing the dummy until she was old enough to reason with eg 2.5/3 as she only has it in bed and it really doesnt bother me, it means we all get sleep.
However she has a sore on her chin now which is just getting worse from all the dribbling its just not gettinf chance to heal.
So how on earth do I remove it at night time/nap time??
Thanks in advance!

FATEdestiny Sun 26-Feb-17 09:54:06

Firstly, decide what you are replacing the dummy with. At this age baby needs something to give comfort to go to sleep. If this isnt isn't an inaminate object like dummy/teddy, it will be you.

So job 1 is making sure she is as attached and bonded to something else, as she is with the dummy.

On from that, no idea. I wouldn't consider replacing the dummy until it was no longer needed for comfort.

Is your daughter using it too much?

It should only take 10 minutes or so for baby to fall asleep, then the dummy falls out. Assuming 1 daytime nap, that's about 20 minutes of dummy in the mouth in 24 hours. This shouldn't be creating any problems.

I would consider limited dummy use, rather than no dummy use.

Christmasbaby16 Sun 26-Feb-17 16:36:28

Fate I disagree a baby does not always need something to use for comfort, you seem quite obsessive about dummy use having read about 100 of your sleep advice posts thus far.....hmm

Timetogrowup2016 Sun 26-Feb-17 16:41:08

* popcorn *

Ratbagcatbag Sun 26-Feb-17 16:42:15

I'm sure my daughter was around a similar age. We'd vaguely planned to do it at some point and then one day we picked her up from the Child minders and they said she started talking as though she had a dummy in all the time ( she spoke really early and always well). I just put her in the car and told her the dummy had gone to the dummy fairy. She was cross on the way home (around 30 mins) and then was very annoyed at the dummy fairy at bedtime, but we said that unfortunately they'd decided that more babies needed them and she wasn't a baby anymore. She moaned for about five mins and that was it!! I was expecting hell, we didn't have it. The dummy fairy gave strict instructions to take her to toys r us for a present though as a thank you from all the other babies that now had new dummies. It was nowhere near like anything I expected and my dd was far more reliant on it than i ever wanted her to be.

Fairy45 Sun 26-Feb-17 17:07:05

Ratbagcatbag that sounds positive! Well she does have a rabbit teddy that she loves to cuddle to sleep as well. Her dummy doesnt fall out at all and she wakes up completely wet around her chin which is what has created the sore. We did do something similar in summer when she turned 1 we stopped any day time usage so the dummy became just for naps and i dont remember that being so traumatic!

FATEdestiny Sun 26-Feb-17 17:15:33

You can definitely do it then Fairy45, just replace dummy sucks with rabbit snuggles.

If the dummy doesn't fall out I'd start (like tonight) going into her room half an hour after bedtime and taking the dummy out and away. Then it's not there if she wakes and isn't there in the morning.

Give that a few days, or a week or so and go for it!

By all means by her something special if she does it. I'm not sure 21 months is old enough to really 'get' the dummy fairy and all that. No reason not to try though. It's not like it's set in stone, if everything goes pear shaped you can always give her one back and try again another time.

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