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if you sleep trained at 2years plus

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TataEsNC Fri 24-Feb-17 15:14:38

ds2 is a terrible sleeper.
i have had enough. it's taking me hours to settle him each night, and he's up for an hour in the night and for the day around 5am.

i would like to sleep train him for my sanity, but also for his, he's tired and grumpy and it's hard work.

at the moment he's in a bed (can climb out a cot) and sharing a room with ds1 (who luckily will sleep thru all the crying so long as ds2 doesn't climb in his bed).

at 6:30pm we read stories and get into bed. ds2 pinches, pokes and scratches me, climbs on me, tries to climb up to his brothers bunk, and cries on and off for 90mins despite being very tired.

i have tried gradual retreat but he clings to me.
i tried returning him to bed but literally the second i walk away he clings to my leg.
because he's in a bed (and we are in a flat) he just follows me around screaming if i leave him. he can open the doors.

so logistically speaking how do i do this? obviously in a cot they can't just run riot but he can. i don't want him climbing up into his bros bed and waking him.

he has good speech and understanding.

please help?
i can't survive on so little sleep and having my evening ruined by this ridiculous charade any more!

FATEdestiny Fri 24-Feb-17 19:10:32

Could you stst with him, right by the side of the bed, until he is asleep?

If he's hittibg out at you, I would suggest by way of 'cuddling' him, you hold his wrists/hands in both your hands to keep them still.

Hold the cuddle, the quiet but compassionate attention, until hes asleep. Then move put of tge cudfke but stay bu his bed for a few minutes. Then leave once in a deep sleep.

Over several weeks/months, gradually reduce the intensity of the attention he needs to get to sleep.

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