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What to do about toddler suddenly waking?

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Mishmishmish Thu 23-Feb-17 09:15:30

Hi, my 2.4 year old son has for the past week been very difficult to put to bed and waking up repeatedly during the night, getting upset, and screaming for us. He's been a great sleeper up till now, went down at 7pm no problem and usually asleep within a few minutes and that was it till 6/6.30 the next morning.

This past week he's gone rigid when we try to put him to bed (i.e. resisting) and cries for us within a few minutes of saying goodnight. Then waking several times in the night - I'm solo parenting this week so I've done a few going in and sashing/stroking hair until he's asleep and then eventually cracking and bringing him into my bed where he then disturbs my sleep. I think he might be having nightmares a bit as does seem upset and is frightened of something in his room (so he tells me) - recently DH spoke to him through the monitor camera thing (which we've never done) and it scared the bejesus out of him and each evening he asks anxiously whether we've removed the camera.

What I'm a bit worried about is I don't mind doing the occasional sssh/pat/back rub to sleep if he is ill or teething but I don't want this to become a habit and it turn into something he needs when he wakes momentarily in the night. Any advice? Should I continue with what I am doing (I'm knackered during the day as takes me ages to get back to sleep after each waking)? Should be not go in and just reassure him from the doorway? I'm going to get him a nightlight today.

FATEdestiny Thu 23-Feb-17 18:18:50

If he's scared, he's scared reassuring hin from the doorway won't stop him being scared.

I'd remove the camera. Or have him play with it, a bit like a walkie talkie, so he understands the 'game' and isn't scared of it.

I'd also try a night light and/or leaving his door open and a light on outside the room

Mishmishmish Thu 23-Feb-17 19:43:43

Thanks FATE. Yes, we removed the camera a few days ago and he's had the door ajar the past few nights. Bought a night light today which is plugged in. He's crying right now but we are doing lots of no nonsense reassure from the doorway as I think by going in and sitting with him it is reassuring the idea there is something to be scared of.

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