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Tips for moving 7 month old into own room PLEASEEE

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FennecFoxMummy Tue 21-Feb-17 23:52:22

So I'm more sad about this than probably ds will be but he's out growing his next to me and he needs to be in his cot.

It might be fine and he settles like a dream but I highly doubt that so any tips to help the change to be smoother / easier would be greatly appreciated

FATEdestiny Wed 22-Feb-17 13:23:44

Is he sleeping through?

I wouldn't move baby from my room until not waking in the night. Then, your only focus on settling baby into his new room is done at bedtime.

FennecFoxMummy Wed 22-Feb-17 13:30:16

Yes he does 8 till 8 now but may wake in the night as he has a dummy/soother/pasifier (not sure what people call them on here) as soon as that's back in he goes straight back over

FATEdestiny Wed 22-Feb-17 13:42:14

It really shouldn't be a problem then. I'd do it in stages:

- Sides up on the cosleeper, all the time
- move cosleeper a little away from your bed, a meter or so
- move cosleeper so that you are no longer in baby's eyeline from the cot, but still in your room.
- move cosleeper into baby's room. Stall for a while at this stage. Get him used to his room in his "normal" crib first, before changing into the cot.
- once he's used to his room, tgen move him into the cot.

dahlinggggs Wed 22-Feb-17 14:40:56

Put baby in cot
Shut door
Pour wine.

Worked a treat for us gringrin

AndIAskMyself Thu 23-Feb-17 03:50:33

We had a period of 3 weeks where we put our son in his cot for naps. Then after that we put him in there at night. The first two nights he was a bit more unsettled than he would otherwise be, but then he was fine. And he doesn't yet sleep through the night. He wakes for one feed still, and that was fine.

Clarab0w Fri 24-Feb-17 11:54:55

We've just done this this week! I was petrified about it - DS is 6.5 months and was sleeping in a bedside co-sleeper crib, waking once (occasionally more often) around 2/3am for a feed and then 5/6am. I was bracing myself for loads of tears and wakings. And I was way sadder than I expected to be about the empty baby crib in our room!

I decided not to make the transition more drawn out than it had to be, so just took him into his room a few times a day to have a look around for a few days. Then just popped him in it for all naps and at night in one go.

Aaaaaand - hey presto, for the past three nights he's SLEPT THROUGH! So far from being traumatised, it seems he was totally ready for it. Whether it's having more space, not hearing us rustling around at night or not being able to smell milk, it seems to be exactly what he needed now.

The only other thing we did was try to make going to bed in there as relaxed as possible. So for now we're rocking him to sleep (only takes a few minutes) so that he builds positive sleep associations with the new room and bed. We'll tackle that next, but for now, just want him to be happy in there.

Good luck x

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