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Nap timings and early waking 11 month old!?

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juni Mon 20-Feb-17 10:26:13

Hello. Just wondering what your nap schedules are for an 11 month old? She wakes every day at 5 (ugh) but will go back to sleep for an hour if held. I'm back to work soon and this can't go on! If I let her wake at 5 she's chirpy and has obv had enough sleep (goes to bed at 7ish) but is much better with the extra hour. She naps at around 10 but usually wakes after 30 mins and I rock her back to sleep on me for an hour. She then has another nap around 2.30ish but this is usually only for 30 mins and can be a fight. I'm wondering if I should let her wake in the morning and try and get a longer nap out of her in the PM in preparation for going down to 1 nap a day (aaaah, those 2 hour naps after lunch my DS had seem like heaven now!). Interested whether this will help the early rising (please!) as well. Any advice gratefully received smilesmile

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