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Sleepyhead Grand

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littlemisshappy5 Mon 20-Feb-17 07:45:18

Hi there: DD2 sleeps great in her Sleepyhead (0-8 month one). She's nearly 9 months but small for her age so she's still in the little one but it's getting rather small now.

Do people rate the bigger one? How have your babies transitioned into the bigger one? I've tried getting her to sleep on her normal mattress but she screams. If she does fall asleep, she wakes continually so that's why I'm contemplating paying the £165.

AndIAskMyself Mon 20-Feb-17 09:55:45

I'm interested in this - considering buying it myself.

insertimaginativeusername Mon 20-Feb-17 10:10:08

I don't think they're all that great, baby rolls/crawls off, couldn't shake the fear of them putting their face up against the bumpers so it is now a ridiculously expensive pillow on the living room floor for the older one to curl up on/chill/watch tv and the cat also thinks it's hers hmm I'm sure plenty others will have more positive reviews!

FATEdestiny Mon 20-Feb-17 12:00:33

Surely once you have a baby wanting to roll over and find their own position for sleeping, the sleepyhead becomes pointless?

Ive never used one mind. My children went straight into a bedside cot with a normal mattress.

littlemisshappy5 Mon 20-Feb-17 12:13:48

I'd have thought that FATE

Problem for me is that it seems rolling etc wakes up my DD and she seems to prefer having the sides there to keep her compact and cosy in the one place. It definitely seems to be a security thing for her. I'm just hoping the bigger size will give her that same comfort.

AndIAskMyself Mon 20-Feb-17 12:46:35

My DS had been rolling since he was just 3 months, and he loves doing it. I think if he didn't have the sleepyhead he'd spend the entire time in the cot trying to roll over rather than settling himself to sleep. The smaller sleepyhead does stop that so my hope is that the larger one will do the same?

MYA2016 Mon 20-Feb-17 12:53:56

My son slept in his sleepyhead till he was 7 months. Up till this point if we were going away for a night it came too.
We were going to get the bigger one but I was not a fan of the thought of lugging it around with us.
It took around 4 nights of waking but he got used to it.
He did really struggle the first few nights. By night 3 we put him on his tummy (he could roll) rather than his back and he was so much better. Then he just got used to it and slept fine.
It's personal opinion but to me I knew he'd be going to nursery / sleep at grandparents etc so you eventually have to bite the bullet and wean them off it :-(
Good luck in whatever you decide

littlemisshappy5 Mon 20-Feb-17 12:58:33

MYA that makes complete sense. I tried for 2 weeks without it and she just didn't get used to it at all sad because I really was hoping not to spend the money on the bigger one. If she'd have settled without it, I'd have been over the moon.

I'm just hoping that, since the bigger one is bigger, it has the same effect as the smaller one. Fingers crossed as I'd be gutted if I buy it and she doesn't like it.

MYA2016 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:04:49

Have you tried rolled up towels under the cot sheet?
If u can get it right it can have a really similar effect. You can then gradually move them further and further out so it gets wider till she won't notice it's gone...
Maybe worth one last ditch attempt smile

Catcrazy008 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:08:01

We moved from the small sleepyhead to the grand, my dd never noticed the difference! Highly recommend.
You can't put a price on sleep lol.
To help with the cost after purchasing grand we sold the original sleepyhead on fb.

littlemisshappy5 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:08:27

I've not tried that. I'll give it a go though! Like you say, she'll have to start sleeping without it at some point. I'm just reluctant to spend the money! Lol.

littlemisshappy5 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:11:12

Cat - I've just seen your post! I know what you mean! If I need to buy it, I'll buy it. I've got a toddler too so sleepless nights make my life impossible. Lol. Good to hear that it was successful with your daughter and that she didn't notice the difference. That is my hope. How old was she when you moved her?

bookworm14 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:12:48

We have one for DD aged 18 months (bought second hand). She likes it as it's cosy and snuggly. We'll probably keep using it until we transition her to a bed.

EggsEleven Mon 20-Feb-17 13:14:22

I relented and bought one last week. 7 month old DD has been in her big cot for the last few weeks and was continuously waking herself up and me by moving about in cot and ending to sideways or upside down.

Put her back in the sleepyhead deluxe and we both got a good nights sleep again but it was starting to look a bit too narrow for her.

The grand is meant to last until 36 months - it's a lot bigger but I can't imagine a toddler in it. They are ridiculously exepensive but it's been a god send since it's arrived. Will have to buy a spare cover sometime for it but the covers alone are £70-85 shock

Catcrazy008 Mon 20-Feb-17 13:19:57

My daughter was approx 1yr when she moved to bigger one, always been tiny for her age.
It will last a long time. We have taken cover of the grand now, put base and outside tube cushion on her mattress then I cover with a single sheet and fashion into shape of cover, ifyswm, she is in bed at mo, but can put pic on later if you would like to see

AndIAskMyself Mon 20-Feb-17 13:36:20

Well, this is possibly a bit cheeky, but I always do it with expensive baby things if my DS doesn't like them, but I plan to buy it on Amazon, and try it. If he hates it I'm just going to return it. I've done it with quite a few things. And if you're a prime member they will even send dpd to pick it up for free. I did it with a breast pump, a sling and a baby swing. I've never had a problem with anything I've sent back.

So it's less of a risk then. If you buy it and your baby likes it, great. If baby doesn't like it, you just send it back. No money lost.

Pebbles17 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:01:53

Our little girl is adopted and came to us at 9 months old. We were having terrible problems with her sleep, she had slept in a cot in her foster home and we had a cot bed. We couldn't put a price on sleep and bought the sleepyhead grande and she went from waking every couple of hours to sleeping from 7pm - 3am without so much as a stir. We are still convinced it is laced with chloroform and worth every penny!

If nothing else, it is a great transitional item for when we go away, she sleeps just as well in her travel cot as she does at home.

She is teeny and was in 0-3 month clothes when we bought it.

RyanStartedTheFire Mon 20-Feb-17 20:04:16

* I did it with a breast pump*
You didn't actually use it did you? shock

norbert23 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:11:29

We went from the small sleepyhead to the grande and it's been ace. No bumping into cot bars or legs arms poking through - we tried without it but she was constantly waking herself up! She's now 21 months and we've had it over a year, she loves it and sleeps like a log in it (apart from when she's teething confused) I'm really glad that we bought it x

helenfagain Mon 20-Feb-17 20:14:00

I bought one after my huge 99.9th percentile son outgrew the smaller one (I had him in it till 8 months and he was totally fine). Didn't use it for all that long but it was sorely needed for 3-4 months, sold it for £95 and bought it for £145 on a deal so overall didn't cost much. I sold the smaller one for £65, they are really easy to sell second hand.

AndIAskMyself Mon 20-Feb-17 20:22:44

Yes, but I sent it back because it was over £200 and it didn't work very well. So I bought a different one instead that was cheaper and actually worked better. I'm not going to keep something that expensive if I'm never going to use it.

Strawberrybonbons16 Thu 23-Feb-17 05:31:48

My DD has been sleeping terribly for months now. I read all the amazing reviews about the grand and how babies suddenly sleep through the night. I decided to just go for it, and thought all my prayers would be answered, didn't make any difference, so I'm £165 down and still having the same problems. sad

dinobum Thu 23-Feb-17 05:44:23

I went to the grand, it's much bigger that the deluxe so they can easily roll around. Her sleep had been awful throughout though but noticeably worse on the odd occasion I've tried to remove it. Now she's 20 months and still has it in her cot bed and I love it, she uses the side cushion bit as a 'false mummy' hugging into them and it completely stops her falling out of bed. I notice she prefers to also sleep with part of her body on the side so her body is quite angled up and I wonder if she's still experiencing a bit of reflux in the night (she's cmpa)

Anyway, I'd recommend but probably worth trying 2 weeks without it just to see if yours will settle without it just to save money

almmummy Thu 23-Feb-17 14:07:01

I swore by the Deluxe and was convinced I'd get the Grande but hubby put his foot down as he thought we'd get some dependent on it (we took the Deluxe everywhere we traveled to).

I dreaded the transition as we had tried him in a cot at four months and he woke every sleep cycle. It went so badly the first night or two so we tried the rolled up towel trick under sheets and things slowly got better. I removed them one by one and now he rolls around happily and sleeps on his tummy by himself (10.5 months). I am so glad I didn't invest now as he loves the room - and this is a baby that had to be packed into his Moses basket to feel totally confined, swaddles and all.

AndIAskMyself Thu 23-Feb-17 17:08:05

The towel trick sounds interesting? How do you do this?

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