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15 week old - noisy sleeper - any advice?

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flowers1 Thu 01-Mar-07 07:50:48

DD is 15 weeks old. We have a strict evening routine that sees her going to sleep at 7.30pm without too many problems after her last bottle of the day. We are lucky insofar as she will not require another feed until 6.30am. However, she is a very restless and noisy sleeper. She groans constantly,and if ignored, these groans eventually turn into cries. We can stop her by using a dummy, but this can involve up to 20 trips to her cot to put the dummy back in. Has anyone else encountered this, and do they have any advice they can share about how we can encourage her to sleep more peacefully? Thank you

belgo Thu 01-Mar-07 07:54:20

Is she waking up hungry perhaps? 15 weeks is still relatively young to be going 11 hours without food.

flowers1 Thu 01-Mar-07 08:18:35

Belgo: well, I have been wondering that, but until a few days ago, she was sleeping happily and deeply. This noisy, restless sleeping is a new thing. Maybe I need to try giving her an extra bottle in the night.

belgo Thu 01-Mar-07 11:23:08

She could be going through a growth spurt.

greenfinch Thu 01-Mar-07 12:26:30

i think we gave our ds a bottle about 11 just before we went to bed to see him through the night around 15 months & it worked a treat! (they call it a dream feed)he was also a noisy sleeper but this was due to the central heating being up to high so it made his chest sound a bit russly

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