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Is there a sleep regression at 12/13 months?

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Mawsymoo Fri 17-Feb-17 12:51:50

DS2 has been a great sleeper for months - 1-2 good naps during the day and then self settles at night and sleeping through maybe 4-5 nights out of 7 - he may need me to go into him for a quick cuddle the other nights.

The last few weeks have been terrible. He is only sleeping for 20 mins in the day and then waking after an hour at night then screaming until I come and take him into bed. It may be teething but once he's in with me he's generally fairly happy - though he is waking a lot in the night and will sometimes sit up and "chat" to me in the middle of the night (I pretend to be asleep!). I wasn't worried at first but it's starting to drag on now and the worst part is I'm losing my evenings as I end up getting into bed with him at 8.30! I work full time and I need the evenings to do things.

Has anyone been through similar at this age? I know DS1 went through a bad phase but I think he was around 15 months and he was getting his molars at the time.

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