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8 month old sleeping with toy

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countrytweed Thu 16-Feb-17 12:13:20

Just wanted to get general opinion on something. Bit of background... my 8 month old has been sleeping really well since 5 months (before you hate me, the first 5 months were utter hell), and one of those little 'blankets with heads' has been a key part of that. For the past couple of nights he's started rolling onto his front when he's sleeping (and also in the morning when he's playing and chatting to himself)... which I'm fine with, as I know it's a case of as long as you put them down on their backs it's up to them how they sleep.

But my question is, is it safe to have his comforter in the cot with him now he could roll onto his front with his face on it? If that makes sense. Reluctant to remove his comforter cos he loves sleeping with it so much... but all the guidelines (I know, I know) say no toys before a year. Is it a suffocation hazard or am I just being an over-cautious ftm?

FATEdestiny Thu 16-Feb-17 13:37:04

What's made you think it's 12 months?

I thought the no toys in the cot recommendation was for under 6 months (pillows and loose covers not until after 12 months). So I've just been looking to find confirmation of the age limit on this, and can find nothing.

The Clear Cot recommendations from Lullaby Trust give no age recommendations. The NHS website doesn't mention anything about it.

So I'm not really certain on the recommendations. I had always thought it was 6 months before comforter toys could be used. I used then between 6-12 months, not before 6 months though. But I can't say for certain at what age they are officially considered SIDS safe.

Timetogrowup2016 Thu 16-Feb-17 13:51:46

I think it's fine .
He'd be more than capable of moving it off his face at his age I think
Dd 12 months has had two in her cot since 7 ish months

countrytweed Thu 16-Feb-17 14:08:10

Thanks for replies.

FATE - I'd googled stuff like 'is it safe for 8 month olds to sleep on front if they roll over in night' (or something less long-winded!) and a lot of articles I came across said yes, as long as there's nothing in the cot before 12 months... toys, blankets, etc. Maybe this is the US guidelines??

He's had his comforter since 5 months in his cot and I've not been worried... I think it's cos he now rolls over in night and I'm worried he'll bury his face in it hmm

RedLemonade Thu 16-Feb-17 14:25:16

I'd say it's fine but if you're worried could you clip it to his grobag or something so it can't rise up to face level? Or does that defeat the purpose?!

FATEdestiny Thu 16-Feb-17 14:49:14

If he's rolling both ways, he should be able to roll off it. If he's just rolling back to front, it won't be very l9ng until he can roll front to back too.

I guess that since NHS and Lullaby Trust don't give an age limit for the clear cot guidelines, that they are expecting baby should always sleep in a clear cot (with nothing in it, no toys etc), at all ages.

So on from that you could justify to yourself that if this wasn't following guidelines at 6 months, it won't be at 8 months or 18 months - so what's the difference?

It's your call at the end of the day though.

countrytweed Thu 16-Feb-17 15:11:14

The difference is he's rolling in bed.

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