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5 year old won't go to sleep by himself

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SallySquaw Wed 15-Feb-17 23:13:55

My nearly-five year old needs Mummy lying beside him, in Mummy's bed, to get to sleep. It is becoming a long and very frustrating process - sometimes taking an hour for the silliness to subside, and sleep to come.
We have a good bedtime routine of bath, milk and books in his bed. But then he asks to go up to the big bed. I have tried encouraging him to stay in his bed with the light on. I would like him to go to sleep in his own bed and stay there. Any advice greatly appreciated.

Doublechocolatecake Wed 15-Feb-17 23:24:25

Hi sorry to be blunt but stop spoiling him, make sure he's well fed and hydrated before he goes to bed I always find it's easier to bath before dinner as they eat more due to the dyhydration from the bath. Kids with a full stomach and fresh wash are more settled and find it easier to sleep.

Put him to bed in his room with the lights off every night at the same time with the same routine bath, dinner, story time and bed. Be firm and vigilant and do not give in to him. Put him to bed, kiss him goodnight and shut the door.

Do not give in to winey demands as you are the adult you set the boundaries not him and keep at it for a minimum of at least three weeks.

Scientists argue it takes at least 21 days to form a habit. He will shout, scream, be silly and throw tantrums however eventually he will learn these are the rules at home and have no option but to conform to your newly introduced routine.

fannydaggerz Wed 15-Feb-17 23:29:23

Can you sit on his floor?

Keep firm about not getting into bed with him but sit on the floor, maybe a nightlight?

At 5, they still need their mummies. Some don't at bedtime and some do.

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