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jetlagged 18 month old.

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penguinpurple Tue 14-Feb-17 22:05:55

My 18 month old was sleeping reasonably 7-7 ish (sometimes waking in the night a few times but relatively easy to settle or getting up earlier but it was manageable).
Since coming back from Canada at the weekend she has gone to sleep ok at 7 but wakes 1-4 hours later and just screams her head off for hours. Dh has been dealing with this (he is on paternity leave so can sleep when she sleeps whereas I am up at 6.30). I think he is picking her up and cuddling but she then wants to get down and starts screaming again. He keeps doing new attempts to lie her down but she screams.
He brings her down and feeds her and last night went for an hours walk at midnight. She was awake the whole time but settled calmly in bed on return. He has just gone out now to try same tactic.
Have we broken the baby?! I'm feeling quite guilty about doing this to her.
Any tips for managing this. I haven't been keen on controlled crying but if she is screaming and distressed for hours anyway feels like we might as well be doing something that works. I worry all the picking up and down is just winding her up or somehow reinforcing the problem. I would just give it time but don't want to be inadvertently making the problem worse.

CobsAhoy Wed 15-Feb-17 06:51:22

Hey penguin,

No advice on managing it, but when we (me, DH and 15month DD) got back from a long haul holiday the jet lag was horrendous!

A friend told me it takes lasts around one night for every hour of your flight, our flight was 14hrs so the jetlag lasted two weeks-ish, it was hell for the first week but did gradually get easier....

We didn't do anything to fix it, just went with the flow (including a couple of 2am starts to the day 😫), things drifted back to normal.

You have my sympathies though, I remember wondering if I'd broken the baby too!

user1484226561 Wed 15-Feb-17 06:52:55

you have said so yourself, jet lag, it will wear off

penguinpurple Thu 16-Feb-17 21:39:48

Thank you for the reassurance cobs. I know it's a bit of a 1st world problem but I was worried - and am pretty brain dead with tiredness! Think we had a bit of a breakthrough last night so hopefully the worst is over.....
It wasn't actually as bad on the way over. She was up at 4/5am for a while but that was more manageable asked I just went to bed ridiculously early - and didn't have to work!

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