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12 month old sleep train or one nap?

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user1474565301 Mon 13-Feb-17 11:44:21

My 12 month old DD is not a fantastic sleeper, but also not the worst. She wakes once in the night and I breastfeed her when she wakes, but she is not totally asleep when she goes back down. It takes half an hour for her to get back to sleep, but she does achieve it herself. I have no doubt that the breastfeed helps to comfort her beforehand.
She settles herself at bedtime, as her breastfeed is at the start of her bedtime routine.
For daytime naps, she is currently held/gently rocked to sleep. Until 3 days ago, she was having lovely long naps this way and sleeping for 90 mins or so, but she has started waking after 25 mins and not resettling. She is clearly still tired.
It seems like rocking to sleep has stopped working, so I'm thinking it may be time to gently teach her to settle herself during the day.
I think I'll try gradual withdrawal, the hope that it will eventually help both days and nights. My question is, should I work on daytime first, nights first or all at once?

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