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Sleepyhead or something else?

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ScarletBegonia1234 Sun 12-Feb-17 17:08:52

I'm currently pregnant with baby number 2. Ds was a real velcro baby basically wouldn't let me put him down so the first 10 weeks or so all naps were on my chest. This wont be so practical for new baby if he is the same as I'll have a toddler to deal with so am looking at options!

Basically I'm thinking of something that baby might feel comfortable being put down on in living room and that will keep them safe if I'm dealing with ds. I have a sling already so in addition to that. If it can be used at night too that night be useful but not essential as we have a cosleeping cot which worked well last time.

I've seen there is the sleepyhead but can anyone recommend anything else as good?

Thanks in advance

ShizerMinelli Sun 12-Feb-17 17:56:37

We had one of these, cheaper to see if they'll take to it. Come in two sizes like the sleepyhead.

However, If your DC does end up loving it and you get the next size up when they're bigger, I'd go for the sleepyhead, as it has an open bottom so no restriction if you'd got a long baby/will last them much longer.

Beansprout30 Sun 12-Feb-17 21:30:12

Sleepyhead all the way! Couldn't be without ours

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sun 12-Feb-17 21:31:14

Second hand cocoonababy was fab for us and he napped in it until he was 9 months.

ItsyBitsyBikini Sun 12-Feb-17 21:33:54

Sleepyhead for us. We love it, DS loves it and we have both sizes now so the smaller size is our travel one. We had a poddlepod for daytime naps but DS hates the toddler one and can quite easily shuffle himself out of it at only 8 months.

FATEdestiny Sun 12-Feb-17 21:45:59

I'd suggest a bouncy chair for daytime naps.

Then at night remove one side off a full sized cot and butt it up to your bed to make a sidecar cot you can lean into.

pastabest Sun 12-Feb-17 21:51:50

Look up pureflo nests, they are similar to sleepyheads but only £40ish on amazon.

LillyLollyLandy Sun 12-Feb-17 22:05:04

I've used the sleepyhead with both my younger two children and it's worked a treat.

MonkeyToucher Mon 13-Feb-17 15:20:54

My DS loves the sleepyhead now (he's 4 months) but would only sleep on me/DH for about the first 6 weeks. Every time I tried to put him down in the sleepyhead when newborn he would ping awake and cry. Not knocking it, but just wanted to balance out some of the reviews that imply it's miraculous - it's not for everyone!!!

Tabitha1983 Mon 13-Feb-17 16:42:44

Another vote for sleepyhead here 👍 DS would not sleep in snuzpod until we got it at around 6 weeks old. In fact I'm wondering if we can justify investing in a sleepyhead grand....sleep is priceless though right?! X

ItsyBitsyBikini Mon 13-Feb-17 16:53:37

tabitha we just invested in the sleepyhead grand. I wasn't for it as I want DS to realise that he won't always have it but you're right, sleep is priceless. He will sleep anywhere else in the day but knows its bedtime when we put him in the sleepyhead.
monkey glad he likes it now. We had the same issue with moses baskets, which is why we spent a small fortune on a sleepyhead. I wish babies came with a little manual that said 'I like sleeping in this or that' so you don't spend a fortune on trial and error.

ScarletBegonia1234 Mon 13-Feb-17 17:19:09

Thanks everyone! I just remembered I have a bjorn babysitter bouncer that I got for ds reflux in a moment of desperation. It was bloody expensive and he hardly used it as we went dairy free soon after which solved the problem but that is suitable for naps from newborn too....that might do as well!

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