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The great duvet debate - quick before me and DH smother each other with it

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VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 28-Feb-07 10:15:33

On our bed we have one sheet, then a duvet, then a blanket.

DH complains that he gets too cold because of gaps between us and at his end so he gets another duvet and slings it half on his side. It stops the gap at his side but the weight of the duvet pulls the original duvet over even more so I'm left with hardly any.

My various solutions to the problem are:

- he wears pyjamas
- we get a lighter duvet to fill the gap at his side
- he gets another blanket and tucks it round him
- we use the two duvets separately so we have one each

His solution is along the lines of

Sod you I 'm OK

(Note: in v. bad mood today because I'm feeling lousy with dodgy tum and the runs and am also very tired (see above))


Kelly1978 Wed 28-Feb-07 10:16:20

well, my solution would be to get a bigger duvet.

Carmenere Wed 28-Feb-07 10:16:43

But there shouldn't be gaps if the duvet is big enough. Get a bigger duvet.

Skribble Wed 28-Feb-07 10:17:01

Get a bigger duvet?

Or get him to put the extra duvet under the shared one so it doesn't pull it down.

JackieNo Wed 28-Feb-07 10:17:35

Agree - we have a normal double bed, but a king sized duvet - works pretty well for us, as DH tends to revolve in his sleep and can end up with a load of duvet on the floor on his side.

Skribble Wed 28-Feb-07 10:17:43

Sorry my "get a bigger duvet" shouldn't have had a question mark I was suggesting it

VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 28-Feb-07 10:18:36

OK what's the biggest size you can get? We have a king size bed with a king size duvet.

WeaselMum Wed 28-Feb-07 10:18:54


I am sure that is the reason dp and I are still together

Do it, your life will be transformed

snowleopard Wed 28-Feb-07 10:19:05

If he thinks "Sod you I'm OK", then surely he won't mind you having two duvets, one each, so you can have your own and not get cold?

bran Wed 28-Feb-07 10:19:49

We have always used two single duvets as I'm a hot person and need a lightweight duvet and dh is a cold person. It works very well for us.

MrsMills Wed 28-Feb-07 10:20:01

Two duvets without doubt.

VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 28-Feb-07 10:20:13

Weasel I used to go out with a German guy and wanted to marry him because that's what he had on his bed.

snowleopard Wed 28-Feb-07 10:20:18

We have a normal double bed with a superking duvet, which helps, but I still wake up in the night and have to haul my half back from DP, and the bloody cat, who have snaffled it all between them.

JackieNo Wed 28-Feb-07 10:20:21

The White Company do 'superking' and 'emperor' sized duvets.

Skribble Wed 28-Feb-07 10:20:37

You can get a super king size.

We share a king size no probs, big enough to cover me size 18+ and DH XL. Enough duvet to have a slight dip between us and no gap at the edge. I think you DH is being a greedy big woose

WeaselMum Wed 28-Feb-07 10:20:55

SauerKraut Wed 28-Feb-07 10:21:38

Definitely 2 single duvets, known as "the thin end of the wedge" in our house!

VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 28-Feb-07 10:21:45

Yup - I had suggested this but he makes a silly face and comments along the lines of "how many more duvets do we need in this house"


See, told you I was tetchy today

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