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Standing in Crib/Solids = No Sleep

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octoberfarm Fri 10-Feb-17 12:59:06

Baby is 8.5 months old and up until recently slept like a dream - from about five months onwards (we were hugely lucky, I know!) he slept through until about 5 or 6 and everything was dandy.

We live in the US and went back home for a month over Christmas. After a few days LO settled into the time change and throughout that month napped and slept like a champ. In that time he started figuring out how to stand but was in a travel cot so couldn't haul himself up.

Since we've been back (3 weeks) he's had a couple of bugs (only at the start) and although he seems to have got his head around the time change in terms of going down at night, he now screams his head off when we put him down, keeps pulling up to standing in his crib (he can't sit or lie himself back down on his own, agh) and is now waking on average about four times a night, each time screaming for hours. We used to just put him down, let him fuss a few minutes and then he'd be out, but now it's taking hours and I'm exhausted and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on a) getting kiddo to sleep when they keep standing up and b) whether it might be the fact he's now eating solids three times a day and that's meaning he poops more and if this'll settle in time. I don't just leave him screaming, obviously, but no amount of picking up and cuddling, head stroking, sshing or singing helps, and if I cuddle him to sleep he wakes up as soon as I put him down and we're back to square one.

Sorry for the essay. I'm so, so exhausted and would so appreciate any help/tips/advice anyone has to offer!

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