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6 month sleep regression! Help!

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Bee1990 Fri 10-Feb-17 09:43:22

Hi all-
Hope you are having a great day. In all honesty, I'm exhausted. My daughter had been doing fairly well with sleep until around 2 weeks ago. She's never been the best at sleeping but previously we did have a regular 5 hour stretch of sleep followed by around 3 hours then 2 hours. She has been very good at taking daytime naps and now won't go down in the day for longer than half an hour at a time when we previously had a good 1:30-2hr stretch.
I'm exhausted and don't know if it's teething, leap 5 (we have 3 days left) or that everything has just gone to pot. She is sleeping in her own room and has started on solids. She is breast & bottle fed and each waking in the night she needs feeding.
I'm feeling like a bad mummy as I get so frustrated and I know she isn't doing it to upset me but it's really hard.
Any help would be so appreciated!

FATEdestiny Sat 11-Feb-17 16:38:23

More milk during the daytime will mean less is needed at night.

What you have to remember is that early weaning foods are all very low calorie - vegetables, lean meat, fruit. The most calorie dense foodstuff baby can have is milk and it's calories baby needs.

In early weaning (6-9 months ish) you really need to try to maintain the volume of milk baby was having before weaning. Milk intake might even go up. Solid food isn't in replacement milk, it needs to be in addition to milk.

Not forgetting to also factor in fluids for hydration - water, fruit juice, squash for example.

This is often the reason for the reintroduction of night feed at this age. I recall it like being back in the newborn days. Baby spends all of there awake time feeding, what with fitting in 3 meals, plus 5 or 6 milk feeds around all of the daytime naps.

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