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Waking every 90 mins

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Colabottle10 Thu 09-Feb-17 07:23:27

6 month old EBF DS is draining my resolve to cope. He naps well in the day 3 x hour long naps. Bath / sleep routine means he's asleep by 7 but from then he wakes every 90 mins on the dot. He's waking and back arching, sometimes crying. I give infacol, sometimes he wants boob, other times just a cuddle. I'm doing it all in my own as my DH just doesn't hear him wake.

He's currently still in our room but am thinking about putting him into he big cot in his room soon....good idea?

Any other ideas on why this is happening? He used to sleep so well.... he's very cheerful in the day, no real shouting or crying

rabbitmummy Thu 09-Feb-17 08:28:32

Big developmental leaps around this age, get The Wonder Weeks app and you can track them. Probably so much going on in his little head! Give DH a kick & force him to get up!!

cestlavielife Thu 09-Feb-17 08:30:17

Back arching = reflux. Speak to gp

GiveMeVegemite Thu 09-Feb-17 14:31:58

Sometimes they get into a routine of waking and feeding and then need a bit of tough love to get out of it.

I read the ferber sleep training book and applied the method to my (then) 6 month old and it worked like a dream.

Sometimes they can be drinking too much and it causes stomach pain and fussiness overnight.

My DP never woke either (and we now have 3!)

I would read the Ferber book and apply whatever strategies you feel comfortable with. My second son was autistic and I knew something was different with him very early on so I never did sleep training with him and I have only just done sleep training with my 3rd who is 12 months old (who was waking every 90 minutes too) and he is now having 1 bottle per night and sleeping from 6.30pm - 6.30am. Every child is different

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