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Stopped sleeping through

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elliej83 Thu 09-Feb-17 03:54:40

At just under 11 weeks my little boy started going to sleep and sleeping through. He's not coming up to 16 weeks and not slept through this week or most of last week at all.
We had been putting him down in our room at half 7 with the baby camera on and he had been sleeping until about 6am. However he was having a really bad hour 6.30pm - 7.30pm so I thought perhaps he should really be going at half 6. I put him down twice at half six last week and he was up at 10pm wide awake thinking he'd had a good nap and it was now wake up time so I went back to putting him down at half 7 but he's waking up at half 9, 2am and 6am for feeds.
He's in a turbulent wonder week that seems to lastfor ages. He's also had a really red cheek on and off since Christmas which I think must've related to teething.
No idea how to get him back sleeping through it feeling a bit like a zombie again sad

TanteRose Thu 09-Feb-17 04:39:24

look up the 4 month sleep regression.
Its a developmental phase and it will pass

just have to ride it out...until the NEXT developmental phase wink
Unfortunately its not often smooth linear progress with sleep.


LauraPalmersBodybag Thu 09-Feb-17 04:45:35

Babies go through a big developmental change in sleeping at around 4 months. Essentially they stop being sleepy little things that don't know the difference between day or night and they start to enter R.E.M. sleep (I think)... either way, it's called a 'regression' but it's just an out and out change they all go through.

I'd advise that 6.30pm is way too're likely to mess with his internal rhythms if push that time, or at least that's what happened to me when I did the same. It took months to reestablish a better, later bedtime. I've read from a few sources that 7.30 - 8 is a good time and it works for us.

I think you just need to go with the flow. Under 6 months is very young to be 'sleeping through' and there's a lot to suggest that constant night waking is a protective factor against SIDS. I know it's tough but I'd just advise you ride it out and maybe try to form a few good sleep habits if your DS will let you - putting him down drowsy, being shushed to sleep etc... I only say this as I think I missed this window and am still bf my 13 month old back to sleep (though I don't really mind).

Depends what your style of parenting is, but I found Sarah Ockwell-Smiths The Gentle Sleep Book to be really helpful and was v cheap to buy from Amazon.

Good luck op flowers

DoReMeFaBlaBla Thu 09-Feb-17 05:15:46

They do this. You are in 4 month sleep regression territory for one thing. For another I have found babies go through fits and starts wrt to sleeping. They sleep well for a bit then teething, illness or a developmental leap strikes and it all goes to pot again. You need to adjust your expectations a bit - your baby is still very young. My 11 month old still doesn't consistently sleep through - he's going through a leap plus teething ATM so he's up and down.

Scrumptiouscrumpets Thu 09-Feb-17 08:30:32

Sleep is never linear, just because they've slept through for a while doesn't mean it's forever. 16 weeks is still tiny and his sleep patterns will change a lot. Try and stick to a rough routine, make sure he doesn't get overtired and gets enough milk during the day. It will get better, but in the meantime you really need to adjust your expectations.

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