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Dropping morning nap

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gnu Tue 27-Feb-07 16:34:17

DD is 11 months and until Christmas had a fairly stable routine with a shortish nap at 10 and a longer one at 1. Since Christmas though nursery (3 days a week) have been unable to get her to sleep at 10 and she has been having just one nap at around 11.30.

Anyway we've decided to move her to one nap at home but its become extremely hard to put her in her cot - she just fights it. We've often had to resort to a drive or the buggy to get her some sleep.

Is this a usual occurance for the transition to one nap. Can I hope for an improvement over time back to a more settled acceptance of her nap in the cot?

TS123 Tue 27-Feb-07 23:12:27

I don't know the answer to your question but my DS 15 months is struggling with the transition to 1 nap too. Perhaps (and this is only a thought), your DD was coping well having one nap at daycare since she could "catch up" on some extra sleep on the days that she is home with you. Pushing her to sleep once a day every day may have led her to become overtired? and so she is fighting sleep? Obviously if she is still OK at daycare taking one nap, then this theory doesn't make too much sense. I'm only suggesting this because my DS doesn't seem to be ready for the full switch and some days I simply cannot keep him awake all morning -- he's too messy -- and if I ignore his tired signs on these days, he is overtired by naptime and fights it rather than goes down easy. Also his naps on these days are often cut shorter -- which only worsens the problem even more.

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