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Parents of Reception Children

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hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Tue 07-Feb-17 20:54:06

What time do you put them to bed?

SweepTheHalls Tue 07-Feb-17 20:54:39

Between 7 and 7.30

NapQueen Tue 07-Feb-17 20:55:27

7pm. Sometimes 6.30 if very tired. Sometimes 7.30 if the weekend and we've been out til 6ish.

She wakes at 6.30-7am but still has the groclock in the room as she shares with her 2yo brother so that shines the sun at 7am (7.30am weekends).

highlandholiday Tue 07-Feb-17 20:58:02

Between 6.30 and 7.30 depending on tiredness. Usually asleep as soon as his head touches the pillow but up and down tonight for some reason.

xyzandabc Tue 07-Feb-17 21:01:09

Start going upstairs between 7 and 7.30. With bath/teeth/story, it's not usually lights out until 8. He does fall asleep within 5 mins, sleeps until 7 ish.
Bedtime can be later, sometimes with 2 older siblings (7+9) and after school activities it can be almost 7 before we eat. As a 3rd child he just has to roll with family life.
When the eldest was in reception it was lights out by 7.30 or earlier.

PugwallsSummer Tue 07-Feb-17 21:01:16

Bath & story at 7.00, bed by 7.30.

Finally falls asleep at around 8.45 😖

GieryFas Tue 07-Feb-17 21:04:02

My YR child (last year) was upstairs at 6.00, in bed by 6.30. She's got a bit more resilient so it's now lights off at 7.00ish. She seems to need about 11 hours sleep, so that way she wakes up naturally rather than grumpily.

Dd1, in contrast, came home from school in the autumn term of YR and put herself to bed, got up for tea and bath, and then went back again! She was very young for year, and basically still needed a nap...

hickorydickorynurseryrhyme Tue 07-Feb-17 21:24:46

Wow it's usually between about 8 and 8.30 bedtime here and can be a right struggle getting to school in the morning sometimes.

NapQueen Tue 07-Feb-17 21:47:12

My dd is at the schools breakfast club for 8am, and at the CMS til 5 so she has quite a log day.

HarryTheHippo Tue 07-Feb-17 21:49:03

Mine would be exhausted if they went at 8. We need to be up by 7

GieryFas Tue 07-Feb-17 21:49:30

OP We'd struggle with that timing, too. As I said, she needs 11 hours and (ideally) to wake up naturally, otherwise it's grump central and everything takes twice as long with much shouting.

teacher54321 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:51:33

Ds is normally in bed asleep between 7.30-8.00pm. He has to get up at 6.15am for school, but has historically alwsys been an early riser.

IamAporcupine Tue 07-Feb-17 21:52:07

8:30 here!

lht22 Tue 07-Feb-17 21:53:55

My son goes to bed between 7:30 and 8.
7:30 would be ideal but that's usually when he starts needing a wee, cheese sandwich, drink, extra story, etc!
He's up about 6:45 and in breakfast club just after half 7, he doesn't particularly get tired but does like to put off his bed time as much as possible grin

RebelRogue Tue 07-Feb-17 21:58:49

7 here. Gets to stay up late fridays and saturdays and school holidays.
Up at 6:45-7 and at breakfast club at 8.

PovertyJetset Tue 07-Feb-17 21:59:35


wejammin Tue 07-Feb-17 22:04:26

Upstairs for 6:45 on bath nights, 7:00 on non bath nights, but not usually asleep until gone 8. Awake around 5:30/6:00. Sometimes has a catchup nap at weekends with his younger sister

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