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Someone please help, I'm desperate.

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YepYep1 Tue 07-Feb-17 06:35:05

Ok, my 5 month old has been sleeping through pretty much every night since she was 3 months old. The past couple of weeks though have been unbearable! She's started doing this thing whereby she starts tossing her head back and forth and whinging in her sleep so i need to go in a pat her back down or give her a dummy. This can be every hour until she wakes up and it's exhausting. Just hoping somebody has an idea why she is doing this? What's bothering her? Thank you!

Topnotes Tue 07-Feb-17 06:42:03

Have you started weaning yet?

YepYep1 Tue 07-Feb-17 06:44:14

Yes we started last week because i thought maybe she wasn't quite satisfied but it didn't make any difference.

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