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Need sleep!

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MatildasMumma2410 Mon 06-Feb-17 21:10:05

Hi everyone, so my LO is 18 months old and we've been in a bad sleep routine since she was 12 months. It's our own fault :,( We've gotten into the habit of giving our LO a bottle of whole milk (9oz) to sleep with after her bath and story. She'll then wake between 11pm-2am for another full bottle of milk, then another bottle at around 4-5am! It'll then have a knock on effect the following day where she'd have 0 appetite and not eat much all day then be starving at bedtime! We've adjusted it slightly for the past 2 weeks and tried to feed her a bottle of milk whilst reading a story and just putting her straight down (works fine!) then she'll wake her 2 normal times but I'll just give her 4oz each time instead of her normal 9!! We were guilty of just giving her what she wanted to get her back to sleep as soon as possible! But now she's in a routine and wakes up twice a night every night for her bottle! 😭 On a couple of occasions she actually stayed awake from 2am till 5am but we blame that on teething! 😖 We're at our wits end and really wish for a night when she sleeps through! So I've read up on controlled crying...I've tried the just lying there for a while till she falls asleep but giving in after 15 mins or so if she doesn't settle. Mainly because I'm so desperate for sleep I'll just rock her to sleep. But I've never actually tried it properly. What are the rules and does it actually work??? I know all babies are different but I am desperate to get her out of this 'waking for a bottle' routine. I'll try anything. I'm planning to start on Friday night when I'm not working so am willing to put the commitment in! Also going to extend bedtime from 6:30pm bath and 7:00pm bed by half an hour to see if that helps in any way! Any more help would be greatly appreciated 😊 Xxx

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