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Travel cot

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Dudleygirl85 Sun 05-Feb-17 20:55:06

Hiya, I was just wondering if anyone's baby/toddler sleeps in a travel cot permanently but with a supportive mattress in it? I was thinking of doing this as most travel cots have wheels on so you can move it around as I won't have much space in my bedroom. Could I have your thoughts please.

Nicebiggoblet Sun 05-Feb-17 21:39:43

Yes dc2 does (14 months) he's v happy there so far. We don't have a cot, Co slept till 1 and thinking now why bother buying a cot?!

Dudleygirl85 Tue 07-Feb-17 14:03:33


NewMum17 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:46:37

The chicco next 2 me crib is a travel cot (maybe not labelled as one) which I thought quite a lot of people choose as their baby's first bed.

It's really easy to assemble and I haven't yet, but will try taking it to my mum's house when I stay the night there. I'm a FTM and am using this as my DS's place to sleep for the first few months.

NewMum17 Thu 09-Feb-17 08:49:29

That's what it looks like. There one that comes with the mesh panel which can be put down (but only when watching baby - not when you are sleeping).

Just realised the only disadvantage of this being your staple travel cot is that you have to strap it to your bed. So you'll need to make sure the type of bed you stay in has a particular frame I guess. So perhaps hats why it's not quite a travel cot...silly me!

Princessdelrey Thu 09-Feb-17 09:23:58

My son had to sleep in one for 3 weeks when I went to visit my dad. He was fine for a few nights then he got uncomfortable. Had to buy a mattress for it

lelong Sat 11-Feb-17 20:01:31

if it's wheels you are after, the stokke sleepi cot is on wheels. ok, it is expensive but it's really lovely and turns into a cot bed further down the line (we have it).

thinking about it, i'm sure you could also mount a normal cot on casters?

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