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if she eats solids she is up (and happy about it) at 3:30am. WHY???

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entropy Tue 27-Feb-07 05:08:33

she is still up burbling to her self. I go in every 20 mins or so to put her dummy in and restart winnie the bloomin pooh lullaby. can't stay in there as that makes her worse (she tries to get my attention). co-sleeping worked once but disturbs dh and he has to be up and rested for work.

she sleeps through if I don't feed her solids. the more she eats the worse it gets and she ate well last night.....

I am feeding her solids at 11:15am and 5:30pm. yesterday she only ate a yogurt at lunch and baby rice at dinner (this is good for her though, she ate something that isn't yogurt!!) she doesn't cut back on milk when she eats solids. she is nearly 7 months old so I can't delay weaning but its tempting as DH really needs to sleep.

anyone else with experience of this? how can I get her to sleep again without starving her???

SittingBull Tue 27-Feb-07 05:13:06

Message withdrawn

SittingBull Tue 27-Feb-07 05:13:31

Message withdrawn

lissielou Tue 27-Feb-07 05:18:31

agree with sittingbull, ds goes thru phases like this, hes 22m and tbh shes prob just trying the boundries

entropy Tue 27-Feb-07 05:21:30

trying to keep her quiet as dh is due back at work tomorrow after 1 1/2 weeks of the flu. he is very stressed at work and is dreading going back and to do that on a poor nights sleep is going to be awful.

saying that I have after the first two attampts been leaving her until she is distressed. think that I might have worn her down but can't go back to bed until I'm sure. its me getting in and out of bed that disturbs dh the most.

don't think its about not eating enough (although she doesn't and never has) as she sleeps through on 20oz of milk but not on 25oz of milk plus yogurt plus rice....
am worried its the sugar in the yogurt so gave it at lunch only but I'm on here so you can see that didn't work....

entropy Tue 27-Feb-07 05:23:55

I have, for several resons, stopped and started the solids and the sleeping ties in exaclt with the days she has nothing but milk.

SittingBull Tue 27-Feb-07 05:32:58

Message withdrawn

lissielou Tue 27-Feb-07 05:33:05

you know, the 6m is only a guideline. speak to your hv about weaning later do you bf or ff?

SittingBull Tue 27-Feb-07 05:34:09

Message withdrawn

lissielou Tue 27-Feb-07 05:34:49

agree about the organix range. hipp do a fab range too!

entropy Tue 27-Feb-07 09:38:02

thanks sittingbull. yes she was asleep so I ran away without saying goodbye in order to get as much sleep as I could (DH was the next one to wake me at about 6:30 as he had lost his train ticket )

I have tried the "homemade" yogurt route but she had developed a taste for the chemically ones first and wouldn't eat my healthy version. was planning to cut her off from little stars and move her onto baby rice and natural yogurt but she wouldn't eat at all then and HV told me if she liked crappy yogurt to give her as much as she'd eat as she is very underweight. (she has never been a good feeder. now fully ff btw) wasn't too impressed with that advice to be honest, My new plan is to mix natural yogurt with the little start and wean her onto the good stuff slowly. have an appointment with a dietitian in a few weeks and hope she will be more sensible although she thinks dd is lactose intolerant despite a whole lot of medical evidence to the contrary. sorry waffling on a bit. feeding dd has never been a straight forward affair.

entropy Tue 27-Feb-07 12:41:20

just bumping to see if anyone not up in the middle of the night has any ideas as to why solids cause dd to wake up....

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