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I'll come back in 10 minutes

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teaandakitkat Mon 30-Jan-17 19:46:08

My 4 yr old is going through a (long) phase of not wanting to sleep in his own room.
I'm sure I read a long time ago of an approach where you say "I'll come back in 10 minutes", but we've not had sleep issues for so long I can't remember now. How so you stop going in after 10 minutes? Do you just keep doing it till they're asleep, or space the time out? Has anyone done this, does it even work?

Pinkiepie1985 Mon 30-Jan-17 19:48:38

Sometimes I say 'i'll pop in in half an hour but only if you're quiet and close you eyes and relax until then' if my DD is messing about. I never go in... she never calls me because is always asleep within half an hour and in the morning she never remembers. I think the idea I'm going back is enough for her x

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