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Sleepyhead for naps?

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FartnissEverbeans Sun 29-Jan-17 18:04:02

Hi everyone, I'm just looking for advice on whether to invest in a Sleepyhead (or something similar). DS is four months old and a pretty good sleeper most of the time but he prefers to nap either on me or in his buggy - he just wakes up if I put him in his cot (although he sleeps fine in it at night). We also do a lot of traveling so I thought it might be useful for that. Would some sort baby nest be suitable for him to sleep in supervised? And do you think it would help improve the quality of his naps?

Also, as the Deluxe only goes up to 8 months, would we be better off buying a Grande or would that be too big? He's quite an average sized baby, weighs about 14lbs just now.

Thanks smile

FATEdestiny Sun 29-Jan-17 20:37:30

In my experience movement, something to suck and not transferring are they key to good napping.

Try a dummy, bouncy chair, and baby staying asleep where he falls asleep.

Beansprout30 Sun 29-Jan-17 20:38:38

It's definitely improved my lg's sleep although I don't use it much for naps but at night time she just would not sleep in her cot but she loves her sleepyhead. I would go for the grand as the deluxe won't last long at all. My girl has lots of room in the grand but is still super cosy

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