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5 and 6 year olds.what time to bed?

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kittypants Sun 25-Feb-07 21:19:23

mine usually go between 7-8pm but tonight they wanted to see topgear(?)so after bathing all 3 children and putting baby to bed they sat with dh to watch tv and had crackers.they sat brilliantly and went to bed great but by the time it finished it was was nice having chilled time with them but is it too late?

mckenzie Sun 25-Feb-07 21:37:45

Personally I think each child is different re sleep and bedtimes, just like each adult.
5 year old DS told me tonight he was too tired for a story or any reading and that was at 7pm and he just got into bed and zonked out (bit of a full on weekend) but another night he might be okay to stay up until 8pm.
"Everything in moderation" springs to mind.

pinkbubble Sun 25-Feb-07 21:41:56

7-7.30 Plenty late enough

foxinsocks Sun 25-Feb-07 21:44:23

my 5 and 6 year old go up at 7ish (normally) and hopefully, they are asleep by 8. If they are really tired, it's nearer 7.30 but otherwise, it's quite often nearer 8.30.

Mercy Sun 25-Feb-07 21:45:40

As tomorrow is a school day (have just had half=term) my dd was in bed at 7.30.

Occasionally she goes to bed at 7 and reads/mumbles to herself. Other days it's 8pm.

But she needs 11/12 hours sleep on average.

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