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7 month regression?

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Billi77 Thu 26-Jan-17 23:14:16

Is this a thing or is it just pathway to 8 month regression? My 7months and 1 week old DD wakes up about 15 times between bath/wind down, falling properly asleep at least 2 hours later (almost 10pm), only to wake up every 2-3 hours needing feeding (BF) to go back to sleep. I'm starting to feel the tiredness in my legs. And she used to go straight to sleep for hours. Or maybe that was a phase too!

FATEdestiny Fri 27-Jan-17 10:53:11

I think on the whole "sleep regressions" are just there to give desperate parents hope that things will get better.

You can define the 1 month regression, 6 weeks, 2 months, 4 months (which could be 3 or 5 months), 8 months (which could be 6, 7 or 9 months), 10 months....

I could go on. But basically you will find a baby is always going to fall into one of these so-called regressions. So I'm not sure of the value as defining anything as a regression.

Much better to realise sleep progression is not linear, it will go up and down.

Also be accepting of the fact that if nothing changes, nothing will change. You can just wait it out. Or you can do proactive things at each stage to actively teach independant and deeper sleeping. Only if you want to though, you don't have to. You can just wait it out. Most light sleepers have improved by about 2 years old. If they've not improved by then, families have found a way to maximise everyone's sleep. It helps to have realistic expectations though.

Billi77 Wed 01-Feb-17 18:17:45

Thanks for this smile

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