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Early waking, what time for naps?

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Summerdays2014 Sat 21-Jan-17 13:29:02

Hi all,

My just turned one year old tends to wake about 5.30. Usually sleeps through from 7ish unless ill or teething etc.

If your baby is similar what times do you put them down for naps and how long do they sleep for in the day? I should perhaps add that he naps on me... I know, I know. Once he is more settled at nursery (3 weeks in so far) I intend to sort this out and put him down for naps.

Thank you all in advance.

Coconut0il Sat 21-Jan-17 17:07:36

DS2 is 17 months, still has his nap on me if I'm at home. I love the cuddle and the excuse to sit down!
His naps really vary depending on what we're doing in the day. Mon-Wed this week he slept 12 till 2. Thurs he fell asleep at 915 am then yesterday and today he's had 3-5. He's just woken now.

He never goes to bed before 830, normally more like 9 and he wakes at 730 so has the same amount as your DS just later.
7 till 530 would be great for me as I would get a bit of an evening and it wouldn't be so much of a rush in the morning getting ready for work. I've tried moving bedtime earlier but it never works and he seems to wake at 3am if he goes at 7confused

Would love a 7-7 sleeper but this is my second who only seems to need 10 hours!

Summerdays2014 Sat 21-Jan-17 18:49:05

Thanks for the reply coconut. I must admit I like the naps on me, like you said the cuddles are lovely.
I'm happy with his sleep in general. 7-5.30 is a VAST improvement from where we were a few months ago, I just want to try and get his naps sorted.

Having his first nap at 8.30 seems really early but he's been up for three hours by that point!

DorotheaHomeAlone Sat 21-Jan-17 19:00:12

When my oldest was that age she did 9.30-10.15 and 1-3. My 9m DS does 9.15-10 and 12.30-2/2.30. If you put them down any earlier they just use it to catch up on night sleep and keep waking early. That's the theory. DS is still up at 5.30 hmm but his sister was the same and eventually her wake up time got later and later. She's 2.5 now and does 7-7 and nap 12-2.30. A dream!

Summerdays2014 Sat 21-Jan-17 19:02:14

Doretha, that's my dream! My husband is just putting him down. I always hope he'll sleep until 7, but I know I am incredibly lucky with what we have at the moment!

DorotheaHomeAlone Sat 21-Jan-17 19:14:40

Summer I think we all share the dream! I think she was making it to 6am from about 14m and for me that half hour made the difference. Meant I could have a grown up bedtime again or a couple of drinks with friends without fretting about losing precious sleep. smile

Summerdays2014 Sat 21-Jan-17 19:23:57

Doretha, yes, there is something about seeing the clock with a 5 in it that makes it feel worse. Anything after 6 seems much more civilised (plus now I'm back at work 3 days I'm setting my alarm (ha ha ha!) for 6 on those days anyway!

WheresTheEvidence Sat 21-Jan-17 19:30:16

I'm a nanny but my charge is often awake early.

We offer a cat nap at 9 - when heading to groups but dc is woken after 30 minutes - however we do try and push through and just have our 2 hour nap in the afternoon [recently dropped morning nap] I try to get to 1 but may settle around 12 if noticeably tired.

littledinaco Sat 21-Jan-17 19:32:53

Naps on you are lovely, enjoy the cuddles they don't last forever.
I would say you would have to start putting him to bed later to get up later although I think some are just early risers regardless of when they go to bed.
I would just let him nap when he seemed to need it.

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